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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jenni Powell wins C&C Elimination Game!

Being that credit should be given where credit is due. I did not want this to be an oversight.

So I am proud to annouce that Jenni Powell has won the cast and crew Elimination game!
Congrats Jenni!

"by milowent on Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:24 pm
oooh, me, me ....


Jenni 132
Kevin 0"

Jenni Powell on LGPedia.

Jenni Powell currently participates in LonelyJew15, RevenantRed and so much more community action.

Kevin Schlanser on LGPedia.

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  1. Being that credit should be given where credit is due. I did not want this to be an oversight.

    Why the emphases?

  2. You know what they say ... If ya gotta ask ...

    Try checking out the Credits video on the InsideLG15 Youtube channel

  3. Congratulations to both Jenni and Kevin. It is nice to see that the community appreciates both your efforts.

    There can only be one left standing at the end but I think that it says a lot that Kevin came in second.

    Jenni has done so much for the community and it was a well deserved victory in the end of a long and well played game.

    Go Jenni, and be sure to tune in Monday for DrBethany presents 24 in 6!!!

  4. "You know what they say ... If ya gotta ask ..."

    Well, please excuse me for not having an intricate understanding of what credit individual LG15 crew members may or may not have received from the Cs some time ago.

    And please note the sarcasm contained within my response.

  5. I'm confused by the lack of emphasis in these comments....

    hmmmmm, do html tags work in comments?


  6. Sorry Silver, I didnt catch any sarcasm. Try harder, or stop being a B!%@#, next time kthnx.

  7. YAY JENNI! Certainly says a lot about what LG15's audience likes to see. FAN INTERACTION!

  8. Anon: LEAVE MY TOFU ALONE. /me boopboops silver's nose.


  9. Argh, the pain of an anonymous insult! It hurts! It hurts!

    Aww, I love the boopboop. :D

  10. is it really needed to anonymously call someone a bitch because they dont agree with you? seems petty to me. also, clearly you dont know silver, because i do, and she is one of the nicest people i have ever met.


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