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Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Scary City' to haunt the Internet 'LonelyGirl15' producer to launch online mystery

Yumiko Aoyagi, an exec producer on "LonelyGirl15," is getting ready to launch online mystery "The Scary City" as a big-budget follow-up to the popular Web series.

The $5.2 million project, which bows Sept. 15, will involve a storyline that spans several countries.

The U.S. version of the story revolves around a haunted Los Angeles apartment complex and the missing 10-year-old daughter of an architect who battles the building's unseen evil forces. Tenants from all over the world get caught up in the global intrigue.

To read the full Variety.com article by Marc Graser, see 'Scary City' to haunt the Internet,'LonelyGirl15' producer to launch online mystery.

UPDATE 1: Amanda Goodfried commented: "Hey everyone, Yumiko worked for us for a few weeks a year ago. EQAL has nothing to do with this project."

UPDATE 2: See also: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7011863566.

Yumiko Aoyagi is a Japanese filmmaker born in Yokohama, Kanagawa who started working on lonelygirl15 with the lonelygirl15 Season 1 Recap. She has since been credited for her producing, writing, and directing contributions. She is notably the first person, other than the Creators, to be credited with an executive producing role.

Aside from lonelygirl15, Yumiko co-wrote the screenplay for Moonlight Express with Lo Chi-Leung. Her next project is a collaboration with director and producer Kate Christensen called Die for You.

Yumiko and her husband Takashi have three bearded collies, Ariel, Daisy, and Mia, who have appeared in Beardies of the World calendars since 2001.

Yumiko_Aoyagi on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. Wow! Now this sounds like a fun series.

  2. I thought they were supposed to be doing something with The Resistance and Jonas and Sarah still?

    Is this is something else they will be doing as well?

  3. What? So I have no idea whats going on...

    New show (the resistance) in september.

    New show in italy we know nothing about.

    and now ANOTHER new show in the US and in Japan!?

    WTF? Can they at least attempt to keep the community in the know?

  4. I could be wrong but I think Yumiko Aoyagi is a former lg15 producer. If this was an EQAL show, EQAL would probably be mention.

  5. I am stupid. Sorry xP

    I don't really like to read well, so... yeahhh

    sorry for the misunderstanding!

  6. Hey everyone, Yumiko worked for us for a few weeks a year ago. EQAL has nothing to do with this project.

  7. Thanks for the quick update Amanda, saves me the trouble of getting excited and creating fan art. :)

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    The standard approach is to copy a quotation or two, and provide a link to the full original article. This actually drives traffic to the source, and generally avoids copyright infringement.

    I am modifying this article to comply with this approach, but I didn't want to do that without explaining the reason for the editing... nothing is lost as the full original article is still available by following the link.

    This is definitely an interesting news item, so thanks for posting it!


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