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Saturday, August 9, 2008


by e-mail

You guys are probably already aware of this, but I was watching Animal Planet, specifically a show called Grizzly Diaries, and during the commercials, I saw a preview for a new show called Uncut and Unedited. She was only in it for a brief second, and I didn't get a good look, but a girl that looked like Marla Singer was one of the many people going 'Oooh! Ahh! Ouch!'. The show looks like it's like home video footage or something, and I don't think she's actually in the show, or if it was even her in the commercial, but thought maybe you guys might like to know, or maybe you already know, or maybe you don't care. Just thought I'd share just in case.



  1. The show might actually be called untamed and uncut. Truthfully, I wasn't paying much attention-it was a commercial after all.

  2. :):):) Maybe Marla will see it and respond:)

  3. We miss you, Marla!


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