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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A peek at what's to come... - Sam King

I've been caught up in a few scrapes lately...I'm a professional honestly, just get caught out on occasion...

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Welcome to my Secret World! This is going to be a bit like exclusive club *ahem* where anything is possible...where pop stars pace the corridors, the office stereo plays future hit singles, and desks are cluttered with invitations to exclusive gigs. It's not really my world yet but with your help it will be soon...

I'm Sam King, working as a post boy at a major record label. I've secretly set up my own office at the back of the stationary cupboard. With a few friends in the business pulling some strings and with your help, I'm going to try and break new bands and guide them through all the challenges that the music industry throws at us.

Ultimately I need your help to get out of the post-room, so whether you’re a budding journalist who can write a wicked review for one of my bands, a wannabe singer looking for a break, or you think you could create a video for a new artist, I really wanna hear from you!

For loads more goodies including widgets and bebo skins, head over to www.thesecretworldof.co.uk !

ON BEBO: http://www.bebo.com/SamKing


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