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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Prophecy

We still do not know a great deal about the Crowley prophecy in the context of Lonelygirl15 however there have been a few interesting references in other videos.

As previously reported a few days ago , there was a discussion on Lonelygirl15 "comments" about an older video called "The Drop". While the name of the video suggested an ARG trailhead, to our knowledge no drop was ever found. P.monkeygetsfunky and a few of the Lonelygirl15 comments regulars were able to track down the exact location of "The Drop" to be Palm Springs, California with the help of a series of myspace blog posts which began to appear one year after the last blog post. Unfortunately no one lived close enough to the suspected drop site to check if it is still there.

During the Lonelygirl15 finale "The Ascension" some fans noticed a statement by Sarah in the 4 PM video :

Sarah: They can't kill you. They need you. You're the one, Jonas. The prophecy.

bore a striking resemblence to what is said in the video below posted on the grigoriamongstus YouTube account on April 07, 2007:

The Watcher - grigoriamongstus

"The death of the Prophet gave rise to a power. A power that will protect the one, at all cost. You know that power as the Watcher."

In other videos there are also interesting references to Revelation 7:11 and the "God Of Fertility ".


  1. Quite peculiar, yet it is interesting.

  2. Well he replied to a comment i made on "The Watcher" video.

    Knowledge is eternal.


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