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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sam King - Week 1 - Thursday


  1. Sam King - Week ...
    From: The Secret World of Sam King
    Views: 400,532

  2. Sam is so adorable =3
    It's gonna be hilarious if we see Orange Giles xD

  3. Sam is my new crush. It only took two episodes...haha...that was quick.

    It was good to see Giles again...gotta love that. Apparently Bebo loves Steve just as much as we did.

  4. Looks like Steve has left the cult thing behind him and got himself a new job haha. I love seeing Giles in this, he's a great actor! Although he would have been better next to Jonas and Sarah in the Resistance.

  5. I don't think Steve could mentally or emotionally handle a new organization.

    He needs a normal job and a normal life, for his sake!

  6. It's so weird seeing him play an ass. Haha.


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