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Thursday, August 14, 2008

So get this... - Kendra (3rdtriad)

The earthquake wasn't the only unexpected thing to happen that day

Video Summaries

Game On? is the first video of the series.

In NY to LA Nemarous left New York and moved to LA.

Having said in the previous video that the the "3rdTriad" account was for business only, Nemarous posed A Little Vid on his personal "Nemarous" account to allow people to subscribe.

In Nemarous, Your Assignment Pops left a code for Nemarous which lead to a tinyurl to a youtube page for Kendra, his assignment.
In Hi... Kendra vlogs describing a man who was "well....old" as the one who made the youtube page for her in jest that she can get "discovered".

In Ah, My Asignment Nemarous vlogs about his assignment, Kendra. He observes how she had a rough childhood, but has not much else to go on. He talks about Pops and how he's trustworthy.

In Ghosts Of My Past Kendra vlogs about a run-in she had with someone from her past, a part of her past she'd like to forget. From what she said, Kendra pretty much ran with a gang..however her testimony put them away for a crime committed against a friend of hers.

In In Time Nemarous vlogs about Kendra's last vlog and talks about his perception of what she went through. He opens up about himself and how he feels homesick. Loneliness isn't something he's experienced before. Also we see Nemarous playing the background music on his keyboard. he talks about playing as a way to still feel connected to home.

In The Appointment Is Set Pops puts up a coded vid. This is later deciphered to be a place, time and date. After watching the video, a chatroom set up by pops is discovered by community members, ThaBeave sent Nemarous a Youtube message about the chatroom. Nemarous appreared in the chat room and spoke to those present as well as answered questions.

In I Spy A Meeting we see Kendra running in to a church and praying, troubled by things in her life. Nemmy enters the church (the location in the clue vid, The Appointment Is Set) and meets Kendra. He offers her his help.

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