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Sunday, August 3, 2008

'Sorority Forever' starring Jessica Rose to debut Sept. 8 on WB.com

LG15 Today previously reported from Jessica Rose's myspace that she was working on 'Sorority Forever' in WA (which is either Washington or Western Australia, I'm not sure which).

This article about the show was posted on Tubefilter July 31 (link provided by Mathieas in chat):

Big Fantastic Confirms ‘Sorority Forever’ On Track For post-Labor Day Debut

In the series Sorority Forever that surfaced earlier this month, the show is still on track for launch on September 8 on TheWB.com. Writer/Producer of the series Chris McCaleb assured us that things are fulling moving forward with the highly-anticipated fall web mystery/drama, which is being produced together with film director McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision. The 40-episode show, which will star the original lonelygirl15 herself, Jessica Rose, is expected to be one of the biggest hits yet for Big Fantastic.


  1. WB WOO7

    and GG, and OTH back....so rock on!!!!!!

  2. The fact that Jess is the only actor mentioned in the article and that she is in the middle of the cast photo must mean she is going to be the lead, which of course means the most screen time... yeah!

    I just hope she doesn't get typecast as a sorority girl... ten years from now it might be hard for her to pull off.

  3. I wonder which of those other girls is Cassie.

  4. it's being filmed in Washington, I was an extra last month.


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