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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thank You!

On behalf of LG15 Today we want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to our finale coverage of Lonelygirl15. In particular we would like to thank those of you who wrote software to allow us to track the chats, took screenshots, recorded the audio and video from the chats, relayed information about what was going on, posted articles, edited articles, helped interface with LGPedia, helped debug problems we encountered during the coverage or simply made a comment or read an article. We have always looked at LG15 Today as a collaborative project and it is remarkable to see how well we can all work together towards that end.

During the day of August 1, 2008 LG15 Today had 1648 visits and 4949 page views.

And remember, there is still a lot still to do over at LGPedia!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. "who wrote softeware to allow us to track the chats..."

    Psh, I got your software right here,

    ...software would have helped, though...

  2. :) the complete logs are really great for understanding the context of chat, but the logs with the character only chat also help to get a rough idea of what they talked about.

    But yes, those logs were very useful, so thanks.

  3. Incidentally, the character only logs were posted in near "real time" which would almost certainly not have been possible without a software application developed for the purpose.

  4. I just want to second the "thanks" - I found watching this blog very helpful in keeping up with what was going on, especially the side things like the character comments, chats and nowlive (where audio did not work for me for some reason).

    Great work everyone, and modelmotion especially.

  5. No, Thank YOU LG15Today. I would not have been able to keep up with everything without you.

  6. yup this place was great to check what was going on for those who couldnt make it into chat, thanks for the updates guys.
    I only wish i got the first emma chat audio, i didnt think of recording it at the time.

  7. This site rocks!


  8. Wooo! Good job everybody!

    Viva La LG15Today!


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