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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 1 - Wednesday - Sam King


  1. HoO updated their myspace. There's a whole part about the TAAG in the 'about me', and I think there's more Enochian on the left side (not sure, though).

  2. What has that to do with Sam King?

  3. That was cute. So is this new show kinda meant to promote bands and music...cause that's the vibe I'm getting from it. I can see myself watching these.

    Sam's pretty adorable though. Just thought I would add that.

  4. Boy those Jonas Brothers (or whoever that is) are tough guys.

  5. Very tough qthec. I'm officially afraid of them...especially the girl reading the magazine. SCARY.

    (You can tell I'm not a fangirl cause I found Sam to be the most intriguing in this...)


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