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Friday, August 1, 2008

What did you think about the Lonelygirl15 Finale?

What did you think about the Lonelygirl15 Finale: "The Ascension" (12in12)? Did you get the "pay off" you were looking for? Did it live up to your expectations? Was it too long or two short.? What about the length of the videos? Did you enjoy the plot development? Were there any outstanding issues you would have liked to have seen resolved? Were you happy with the amount of interactivity? Did you like the Emma NowLive chats? What about the IRC chats. Did you have fun at the "comments board reunion". What would you have liked to have been done differently? What about the characters? Who did you really enjoy an what would you have liked to seen more of? How did the 12 in 12 compare to previous ones from both Lonelygirl15 and KateModern? And finally, did the finale entice you to watch the new spin-off show?

We want to know what you thought about the finale, so please leave a comment below and tell us how you felt about it.


  1. I thought that it was too short. But then again the Creators said that they are making another show I think using the whole Hymm of One plot. Hopefully we will see some familiar faces in the new show. I liked it though just thought it was too short.

  2. After two years and I don't even want to know how many comments, I would just like to say a few words.

    I've met a lot of great people because of LG15. And if wasn't for all these bad videos, I would not have laughed as much as I did. Thank you Creators for bringing us all together.


  3. I'm sorry, what?
    I refuse to believe that's how they ended it. There's another LONG video coming.
    ...or we just got Punk'd.

  4. Uber crap. Super disappointing.

  5. This last video redefines "letdown".

    After everything this series created, an ending like this is a slap in the face.

  6. It was bad.
    It was worse than the HP epilogue.

    No closure with the characters.
    Nothing about ascension.
    The whole thing was about getting off the boat.
    There was hardly any useful community interaction.
    I didn't like it at all.

    I mean, all we have are more question that will NEVER be answered. This is total bollucks.

  7. Awful. Awful, awful, awful. Could have been handled a lot better than it was.

  8. Well, I had a love/hate of the finale.. but there is a new show coming up, so I can only hope we see more answers :)

  9. "It was worse than the HP epilogue."

    o.o okay then.
    i thought it was great. i hate all the people complaining about it, seriously... they're spoiled, they expected too much and they think they got let down.

  10. I think that people are forgetting there is going to be another show after this. You can't expect them to answer every question at the end of this finale. They have to have a storyline to start with right?

  11. Wow. The finale was ok, but the past two years has been awesome!

  12. its just... done.

    i didnt like it. i thought it was too short and that a lot of things were not tied up. i liked how KM ended, not LG. I understand taht there will be a new show but, if jonas and daniel and everyone else just stops running then they will be chased no matter what. jonas is still in the prophecy.

    after seeing the even more recent video it makes me feel ok but i still am a bit disappointed. i wanted the videos to be longer. i had high hopes for today esp after the first 12 in 12 season finale a year ago.

    I spent 2 years watching this series daily. im heartbroken its over. i dont think it has yet to set in. what am i supposed to do for a month? i barely survive the weekends without the show.

  13. wow. I've wasted so much time on this show. I'm so disapointed, and I will not be back for the new show.

  14. We can expect perfection from anyone, but this was just a waste. Truly the creators have no regard for their audience. Very sad. No answer, no conclusion just dull and poorly done.

  15. It was worse than I expected and that's saying something!

  16. Well I was pissed until I saw the video In My Sights and now all I have to say is Lucy is BAD ASS enough Said:)

  17. Disappointing and not fulfilling all around. The only high points were Lucy's sudden re-emergence and Spencer. I feel no sense of closure, no sense of anything being achieved. Very... meh.

  18. If it wasn't for the amazing people I've met I would be disappointed. I feel let down.. I feel like the Creators made so much hype about the finale and then completely let us down. I know we should bitch or complain but in the end I can't help but feel like I've wasted 2 years on this show just for it to end in a horrible horrible way. I'm happy, sad, angry, disappointed and satisfied all at the same time. I just don't know what to feel.

  19. A little disappointed the videos were short and really didnt do anything to segway to the new show...the ending left much to be desired.

  20. I .... I want more .... there are so many questions left unanswered and i know that they are probably going to be answered in the next series but there are many that WONT be. I mean god .... Short vid clips for the ending come on there HAS to be more they cant just leave it like this! they just cant!

  21. I'm usually slow to speak against the Creators, but I've got a lot to say.

    1. When Amanda says, "Get there early, there will be a surprise!" it should be clarified that she means, "Get there at 2 AM and then you can go back to sleep until 8."

    2. The first 12 in 12 was about 45 minutes long, and the KM 12 in 12s were only longer. This one was less than a half hour long, and a lot of people were online for TWELVE HOURS simply to see something the link of a standard sitcom.

    3. There was absolutely NO plot development at all. The Creators build up this mystical prophecy, and none of that happens. A new character is introduced and she dies not even 8 hours later.

    4. Character development...was good. I felt for Jonas throughout the entire thing, and I usually hate him. Sarah was amazing, and Beast was great too. Jennie and Taylor, I didn't care for much.

    5. What was the point in bringing Sonia and Spencer back? They did nothing. It's like the Creators thought they would be spared hate comments if Maxwell Glick showed his face.

    6. Where was the interaction? There were no puzzles to solve...There were pointless IRC chats that led us nowhere, and there were two extremely short nowlive chats where Emma said, "Keep trying, guys! I gotta go, my roommate's coming." That's nothing! One of KM's live chats had the freaking bad guy come in and screw things up. That was fun. This wasn't.

    I don't know, I just feel like the fans weren't even considered. All in all, NOTHING HAPPENED in the 12 hours that "The Ascension" took place in. No plot, nothing for the fans to do in between videos, no resolution. It sucks, quite frankly.

  22. I just wish that there was a little more fan involvement and that we had a little more closure. Perhaps I had just built it up too much in my mind before hand, but I feel kind of let down. I felt the other finales that we've been through have been a lot more exciting than this one was. The night bree died was incredibly intense. This lacked a lot of that.

  23. Honestly, this did not live up to my expectations. I'm thankful for the 12 videos but each one was pretty short and pretty low on overall action. What happened? Um, they all found their way on to the boat, then the ran around the boat and they found their way off. Oh yeah, and they stopped a ceremony. It was kind of low on overall plot. I was glad to see the return of Spencer and Taylor and happy that Spencer didn't die. The interactivity was kind of low involvement for me. I'm not one of the cadre that hangs out in IRC or the comment board, so in a lot of ways I probably missed out. Kate Modern's finale with the live chat that was rebroadcast was a lot more fulfilling. I didn't really care enough about Emma at school to bother checking in to that chat. I would have liked a bit more satisfaction in the ending. After all, this is the end of Lonelygirl15. I know there's another series on the way and all, but this one is done and it feels like it's unfinished.

  24. Im not gonna read everyone else's first. The Lucy thing was good, and felt for daniel leaving at the end, but thats it. The boat thing sucked. Bree, Gemma, and Gina all not coming back, sucked. The box taylor and spencer had not being elaborated on....guess what....sucked

  25. I wished there was more fan interaction between videos. I myself messed my body clock up so i woke at 10pm to watched the first video at 11pm my time. Its now 11am, and im disapointed that all we got was 2 live short emma chats and 2 taylor chats. The Prom interaction was much better then this.

    The lentgh of videos dont bother me now when i think of it, as i think the creators spent a lot of time making and editing and im thankful. I only wished we learnt something new in these videos.

  26. Disappointed. I don't know what else to say, most everyone else has spoken for me.

    Overall, sad for more than a few reasons.

  27. I do wonder now why Sonia was brought back.

    First the good points. I was happy to see Spencer, Taylor, and Sonia's return for the end.

    I applaud the actors' work on the show. I have always had respect for the actors of lg15. Whoever does not return for the new series, I wish them the best and I am sure we will support their other works. Lonelygirl15 has been able to attract some of the best acting talent in the land, and I've been thrilled to witness their work.

    The end failed as far as storyline. I had low expectations for the story, and the finale didn't even meet those.

    I'll always remember lg15 more for their early videos. Bree will always be lonelygirl15 to me.

  28. Phisho hit the nail on the head perfect.

  29. I enjoyed the finale.

    After Bree died and left the group with an unattainable goal, we've watched these characters try, but nothing they've ever done to fight the Order made a difference. They never won a battle, never got a step ahead. Even Emma saved herself by leaving them. They made the same mistakes over and over, and showed us how futile their cause really was.

    There has always been a complaint about "filler" vids that I've never understood. The character development in those vids showed us that these were just a bunch of kids who we grew to care about faults and all. They didn't know what they were doing. They tried, they gave it their all, but this ending was inevitable. There is only so much failure a person can take. They needed to give up.

    Today was just another battle they didn't win. Answers to 2 year old questions didn't matter. The finale was about a bunch of kids realizing they'd never win, and would end up dead unless they gave up. They realized they wanted and needed their lives back. I will miss them, but I hope they are left alone to pursue their lives as they were before the Order came into their lives.

    The Lucy/Jonas segue into the new series was perfect.
    Obviously "The One" is a question we will get an answer to...

    ...stay tuned for the new show.

  30. I'm not worried about the loose ends not being tied up because as they said, there's a new show that should address more of them. I'm assuming people like Sonia who popped up out of nowhere will be involved in the next show. That being said, I was still disappointed in the fizzle. I think everyone expected a bang or two. Like someone above mentioned, for all of the amazing things LG15 started in the entertainment world and in cyberspace, this didn't seem to fit at all.

  31. The finale answered a big whopping question. Now we know why Jonas was left alone independently wealthy.

    They'll let the others go.

    Jonas' story is just beginning.

  32. It was more underwhelming than I could have expected, given there was a so-so promo and nothing about it in the press, --it was hard to expect much in the first place. I think it appeared to be a half-hearted effort and the return of the beloved actors was a token, and provided NOTHING to the story. They have so much to give as actors and to the story and they were used and tossed aside.

    SHOW don't TELL. There was NOTHING shown in this VISUAL effort... It's again like there are new writers who DON'T know the ENTIRE STORY.

    ~niceanon (okay, not this evening, but usually)

  33. y'know...

    in a way, we're all sitting on a forlorn beach at the end of a long adventure.

    some of us will leave, frustated by the fact that we've had faith, and it's all been for not.

    some of us will try to cling to those who have helped us through the entire time.

    some of us will pine for the innocent days that came before -- seemingly a long, long time ago.

    and some of us will last to share, to fight, to live another day.

    it's been a long journey.

    but all things must pass.

    Sl�inte Mhath,


  34. I didn't get to see the chats during the vids as I was taking care of rl stuff at the time.. sad I missed it though.
    I thought the videos were too short.. some were good, some were eh.. but the 12 in 12 left me feeling, umm, I dunno. I liked the last one with Lucy, but it all just left me not knowing how I feel about them I guess.

  35. skeptic, that is deep, I personally give you a standing ovation from that

  36. There has always been a complaint about "filler" vids that I've never understood. The character development in those vids showed us that these were just a bunch of kids who we grew to care about faults and all. They didn't know what they were doing. They tried, they gave it their all, but this ending was inevitable. There is only so much failure a person can take. They needed to give up.

    Today was just another battle they didn't win. Answers to 2 year old questions didn't matter. The finale was about a bunch of kids realizing they'd never win, and would end up dead unless they gave up. They realized they wanted and needed their lives back. I will miss them, but I hope they are left alone to pursue their lives as they were before the Order came into their lives.

    The Lucy/Jonas segue into the new series was perfect."

    Completely agree.

    No, this was not as exciting as the 12in12 Season 1 Finale. However, it was certainly a worthy finale. No, not great. No, not spectacular. But decent, and it wrapped up the show. And with a new show on the horizon, that's about what I was expecting.

  37. BTW, the above was meant to be a quote of the Anonymous guy a few posts up.

  38. brooklyn,


    and i'll see you in the next series.


  39. I appreciate what the Creators have done for the internet as a form of communication and entertainment. They took a means of communication from being about posting videos of people's dogs to generating a new form of series where characters and viewers are equal. And that is great, so for that I thank them.

    However, ending this particular story here leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I understand the lg15 universe is continuing on, so complete closure is near to impossible. But I don't understand why the series went this direction. The last videos that led up to this finale were incredible because they brought us back to the original story that we knew. They brought us back to why we started watching in the first place. They brought back memories. And I was hoping that this finale would do the same. Unfortunately, the series finale just became a lackluster version of the first season finale.

    I wanted catharsis and didn't ever get it.

  40. I guess the ending did have a point how this was only the beginning, but that's not how I am feeling right now.

    I haven't slept for 3 days, so I kind of feel like shooting myself in the face. I don't even thinked it wrapped up nicely. It was depressing and sickening. We've come to know each member of TAAG in their own way over these two years... but I don't think that means anything. They gave up. They fell apart, and it wasn't even in a hopeful way. It's just, skrew you... we're all gone now, but oh my God it's Lucy. Whatever. I mean, it was just like all of the build up, all of the amazing times and the 2 awesome years I've spent with everyone from the community and getting into the show just crashed into the ground.

    Now for the creation part of it. WTF? Okay. There was no fan interaction whatsoever. No puzzles. No anything. Just pointless chats where characters in IRC get down on themselves and state exactly what we already know. Then Emma, one of the most loved characters, comes on for one last show. To say that she loves us, and then for us to tell her what we know. WHOA! CRAZY! I mean... seriously, what happened? The plot was horrid. Boat, random cerimony machine, new cerimony chick WHOOPS she's dead, hey look, spencer! It looks like you were all on a cruise and desided to slap something together.

    Now, I probably don't mean 89% of any of this, and I'm just in a horrible mood. Hopefully when I wake up I will be less of an ass hole, and this won't be as depressing.

  41. Pretty obvious the c's were busy working on the next eqal deal and not the script.

    A big yawn times twelve, but after the last two years I really didn't expect any more.

    Definitely won't be back.

  42. I posted this on comments on the site, my feelings over the whole series ending

    Now for my sum of my feelings on the matter:

    Im not angry or indignant. Im sad. A year and a half ago I was in a shell. I wouldnt open up to anyone. Then I came to this website. Through the community here, both comments and later chat, I have changed. For better or worse, this site changed my life. And eventually I met Tiffany through here, a moment which (though I didnt realize it then) drastically changed my life forever. I have met some of the best friends Ive ever met on here (and fortunetly ot some of the worst enemies, even my worst enemies on here pale in comparison to some of the irl jerks ive met). As always there are parts I like and parts I didnt like about the finale (see my post on the lg15today thread). But not angry or upset about the parts i didnt like or even happy about the parts i did as i am sad about it finally being over. There will be no more lonelycrack.

  43. I think the creators moved on before the finale was written. I'm not angry, I just feel like this was a bit of a "slap in the face" to the fans for some reason... Though they aren't known to be the best storytellers, at least not since Bree died... sigh.

    And I think Randy said it very well, sleepless on the internet or not...

  44. it was definately a big letdown. this is the series finale!!!! this is the big chance to give a nod to the fans and GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! that was not done. i feel like im left with so many questions. i don't get the prophecy thing at all, it was never explained. was it fulfilled or not? did someone ascend? why won't they harm jonas? in the finale of last season at least we had the goodbye message from bree to give us some closure in this it ended with all the main characters slinking off. daniel who we've known the longest just walks off demanding not to be filmed any longer?! i understand that maybe a few questions have to remain unanswered to save stuff for the new show but there had to be a way to do that and still give us a nice crescendo ending for lonelygirl15. I definately don't feel like it went out with a bang. and most of the videos were much too short. too wait an hour for a video and then just get daniel saying "i quit" or some running...fade to black was extremely lame.
    idk and even the past week, there werent many videos really and how many times in a couple days can jonas be captured and then escape, seriously.
    ok i think thats about it

  45. what the heck was in that box that taylor and spencer had?!!!! what was vibrating? what was the machine everyone kept talking about and were they still able to complete the ceremony with that girl? like did they get enough of her blood or whatever? i thought they couldn't do it at all without whatever was in the mysterious box......

  46. The videos were way too short, but I enjoyed them. I'm glad Sarah, Jonas, and Lucy will be back, but it'll be weird to not see anybody else, especially Daniel, who has been here since Day 1 when people thought the show was real. I loved the Emma LiveChat. I knew we'd get someone unexpected and seeing Emma again was awesome. She should come back in "the resistance". I liked the inclusion of Nadia, too. But PLEASE keep her alive for "the resistance"! What, since this isn't LG15 any longer, ceremony girl characters are just fodder??? No way! You can develop that character into someone important and as a reminder of what's at stake and why The Resistance is fighting! You'll definitely have a viewer in me for the new series. See you in September!!!

  47. I was perplexed at how short the videos were. Most of them were just over a minute, and one was even something crazy like 39 seconds?!

    The longest video was in the 2-minute range and I think that was the most irritating thing about the finale. I know all of the videos can't be super long but I felt like we were being fed only tiny bits and pieces of the plot at once and nothing ever really happened. Plus, it took so long for me to view the videos (at times 45 minutes just to get a connection) that it was really frustrating to find out that it was so short and lacking development.

    To agree with a poster above, the entire finale was mostly getting off the boat. I don't feel like we saw much of the ascension at all or that any characters or plots were resolved.

    I can't complain though. LG15 has given me so much joy and entertainment since the very beginning, I just wish that this finale had a little more depth and provided us with more information. The videos were too short and too little happened in them. I'm really looking forward to this new series to see what happens after these videos and where the Creators are taking it next.

    Overall, even though I didn't really like the finale, I was really impressed with LG15 as a whole and I'm very sad to see it go.

  48. I keep trying to remember if I dreamed this but it seems like a long time ago that I remember the C's on CNN or MSNBC talking about the show saying they KNEW how it would end and that everything was always leading up to that.
    Is this the big ending we were all waiting for? I really thought we would learn some new info about WHAT the ascension is and what the order is REALLY up to and maybe how aleister crowley plays a role or maybe why they attacked owen over a year ago or even WTF the symbolism with pigeons is..hell, I would've settled for a random never-before-seen Proving Science Wrong vid at the end of all of it.
    But no, we're left with NOTHING. They're not even going to be friends anymore! We're left with a christ-like jonas who keeps trying to save people only to be betrayed still fighting this group we really don't know all that much about..STILL.
    I really loved Kate Modern and I hope the new show is like it, though I doubt you could replicate the loveable characters and the fun stories and the interesting dialoges. That finale offered something more-they all faught for something and (pretty much) won and stayed friends. The LG15 ending offered me no hope for the new series. I would gladly take more kate modern but LG15 should've been finished after season one-and had I known it would end like THIS I would have lobbied for such. It's too bad.

  49. They spent too long going round and round in circles, the 2am video was a good start. I liked the 8am vid, it started the 12in12 with action but then it seemed to get lost and go round and round in circles. The whole 12in12 didn't progress the story much and give us answers to nagging questions.
    It seems to me that the whole 12in12 could have probably been chopped down to 2 or 3 parts but instead it seemed like they stretched it to fit a 12in12 and then added a couple of decent enough vids at the end. If it has been a 2 or 3 part finale i think their would have been less disappointment.
    They shot themselves in the foot, the Katemodern 12in12 set a standard that for some reason they couldn't match, the live chats seemed an excuse to just show Emma one of the shows popular characters, it looks like they brought back the fan faves in hope of smoothing over the cracks.

    I did enjoy the videos and i am glad i stayed up until 3:30am to watch the finale but i don't feel it was the great finale that the fans wanted, the finale that was built up to.
    Season 1 was Lonelygirl15, seasons 2 and 3 were TAAG.
    They are different shows, perhaps the fans would have been more tolerant if season 1 had been the end of lonelygirl15 and the past 2 season were from a spin-off of a new show.

  50. I'm not sure how it would have fit into the story, but for the lonelygirl15 finale, I would have liked to see a 'video flashback' of Bree ~ some sort of message from her, or even just an image in the background somewhere.

    Maybe this could be done in the future, a gallery of past trait positive girls ... Bree, Gina, Nadia, etc.

  51. So now that LG15 is over...

    1. They failed to confront/defeat Lord Carruthers/get answers from him.
    2. They failed to defeat Sarah and Taylor's dad (presumably, can't he still ascend?)
    3. They failed to show all the other passengers on the Cruise to the Eclipse ship (assuming there were others).
    4. They failed to show the eclipse at all.
    5. They failed to explain where Nadia came from. Where Spencer came from. What that box he and Taylor stole was for. How they got on the schooner. How the others got on/off the boat.
    6. They promised that "as an elder is about to be abducted, four teens will race against the clock to stop it" or something like that. All I saw was Daniel getting "stuck in the pipes".
    7. Plotholes and inconsistencies
    8. NO Nikki B despite promising her.
    9. We've found out that Greg can't count or plan ahead since he said that the finale would be less than 13 vidz but was actually 12.

    Oh and have I mentioned that a 12in12 series finale should not be slightly longer than 12 minutes? It should be more like 50+ minutes a la KateModern. And vids should show everything that happened, not just random running arund and using the vid summary as a means to explain the stuff they were too lazy to film.

  52. Lots of negatives posted here, mostly to do with writing choices and unanswered questions ... even though I think there were some very good ideas in there (Daniel getting stuck in a ridiculous situation and laughing about it even as he explains to us that he is "done" , Sarah and Taylor having an important purpose due to their relationship with their father and his involvement in the Order, Jonas becoming a central figure for a reason rather than just being someone who saw Bree online and wanted to help, etc.)

    I would have liked to have seen Jennie in a more central role, or have something huge happen with her during the finale instead of just kind of going along with the others, but that's my personal preference for that character/actor.

    The production quality of the LG15 team has come a LONG way, and is quite amazing given the resources they have. For a pitance of cost (a small small fraction of the cost of a TV pilot), they now create a show that looks and sounds good, is well acted, and involves some complex shots with action, dark areas, outdoor shooting, multiple characters moving and interacting.

    This is incredibly hard to do, and they do it with a few handheld cameras and microphones, 1 camera guy, 1 director, 1 producer, an assistant or two, probably a few others helping I am unaware of. I doubt they have huge lighting set-ups. Try recording sound on a beach with wind and active surf sometime. The TV show LOST adds most of their beach dialog and other sounds over the footage during post editing... it is recorded in a studio.

    I think the the crew and the actors deserve a lot of credit for making this work - they looked great during the finale, and it was fun to see Taylor and Spencer make an appearance.

    The additional Lucy perspective video at the end was important - this series needs well-developed/entertaining villains the audience can cheer for.

  53. I'm just wondering why anyone who is complaining about the finale expected these characters to act any differently than what was true to them.

    They've always run around in circles and never knew what they were doing. They always needed help deciphering very basic clues, were captured numerous times, and were always a step behind the Order. It makes perfect sense that the series ended the way it did. It's the only plausible way it could.

    Why the need for the "Hollywood ending", or even a Kate Modern ending? I'm so glad the C's didn't cop out like that.

    As someone who watched both the shows from their beginnings, I find it odd that anyone can compare their KM experience with LG15 at all. While KM was very entertaining, I never got the feeling of emotional investment with the characters. When Kate died, it was progression of the plot. When Bree died, it was almost like losing a friend.

    And, along with a difference in my emotional investment with the KM cast, the characters themselves had a lot less invested in the story themselves. The KM characters were older, more mature. They never gave up their lives as they knew them to be on the run for over a year. They never saw their best friend/first love being murdered right infront of them. I could go on and on. There is just no comparison.

    So while I enjoyed KM, LG15 was a completely different experience, and I am proud of the C's for staying true to the characters and giving them an ending that made sense and didn't just appease some fans who've watched too many movies and expect life to always work out in the end.

  54. Creators, cast and crew, don't get me wrong I mean I totally love you guys but... this finale was boring. I liked that Spencer was brought back along with Taylor and that video where they are having a laugh, but the rest just completely underwhelmed me. I don't mind that there are unanswered questions because I have high hopes that they will be resolved in the new series but this 12 in 12 completely lacked any excitement. This isn't a hate message or whatever, just constructive critiscism. Some people have been a part of this for over 2 years, and this is what they are given.
    Guys, please keep these videos in mind as a mistake, and make sure that the videos for the new series aren't so disappointing.
    I'm very sad that LG has ended like this, but I am looking forward to the new series and I hope that you atleast won't let that one die like this one has...


  55. Well… i still stand by my first impression of the season finale… the videos were good but a bit too short, and the last vid with all of the characters was disappointing. The Resistance's vid is on the other hand great!
    I’ve enjoyed the series since I started watching back in 2006 following the ramblings of Bree and Daniel… This show has evolved in so many ways, back then I couldn’t have imagined how it would end :) and that I’d meet the awesome people i did trough lg15.com
    *clap clap clap* for the Creators and Amanda.

    I’m sad to see Daniel part but it was meant to be… after all he has been through.
    Taylor and Spencer were long gone too, but it was absolutely great to see them back for the finale.
    Jennie, i’m also very sad to see her part from the story… from all the female characters i identified with her the most.
    Sarah, i’m looking forward to see her in the new season/series
    Jackson, wow he did some great ass kicking in the finale… poor watchers lol Maybe we’ll see him in do some inner thinking and take some new decisions just like when Bree died. It’s awesome he will continue on the new show/season …. (my crush still has room to exist lol)

    Already looking forward to the new show/season!!!!!!!!!! Hope it has some of the great interaction LG15 had :)
    *goes to find something to do for the next month*


  56. I just don't understand why a boat would have cinder-block walls.

    Like Joe and Dream discussed on the comment board... maybe it was a metaphor.

  57. "i thought it was great. i hate all the people complaining about it, seriously... they're spoiled, they expected too much and they think they got let down."

    NO it was not the fact that we expected to much, we expected the ver y minimal of LG15 quality. If those videos were given at any other time rather than the finale everyone would be saying "What an awful filler video!". But they're not just filler videos, they are ending some of the characters we grew to love with that half ass ending ... no closure no resolution just...oh i'm leaving BYE! Creators I love you guys but you need to do something else for these fans or else I know a good portion of us that don't want to come back.

  58. I don't understand why people are trying to defend these videos based on the fact that the production quality has increased. Okay, so what if it has? I don't think that's what really matters. After all, people fell in love with the show when it was just a girl in her bedroom with a webcam and some desk lamps. What draws people to a show is the characters, story, plot, and the entertainment value. I do not watch lonelygirl15 for production value, I watch it to be entertained and to follow the stories of characters I care about. The finale disappointed me, as it did not live up to the standards I had as a viewer - to be entertained and watch good videos with a good story. I don't care how high your production quality is, if your videos cannot meet these goals, they aren't worth squat.

  59. What I have issues with is not what have been left unanswered, it is what was shown. It was boring and unexciting. Daniel was annoying and whiny (which is usual but for his final episode ...really?) Spencer had all of two lines, the videos were way too short and uneventful, there wasn't an ascension, the eclipse was all hype, the events I would have liked to see (the explosion, the machine in general, escaping the boat) were replaced by the characters WALKING around ...Daniel lollygagging around a store buying blankets, "oh we should hurry dumm dee dumm"
    Seriously it was awful I'm so incredibly disappointed!

  60. While I didn't participate as I was at work, I watched. And while it was entertaining as always and sad, it was extremely anti-climatic. The way I look at it is not a finale but...a season finale. Really...resistance can't be much different really. I think it's a finale in the name, and nothing else.

  61. I'm just going to go watch Human Ransom, Girl Tied Up, and Handcuffed and remember the good times!

  62. ...ohhh, and video 11 of the Season 1 finale.
    I forgot how good that one was...

  63. Okay, so it's a new day and I have a new perspective. The lonelygirl15 finale isn't about the show ending. It's about a new beginning. About how the fight against the Order has only begun, and how the resistance is only beginning, and it's growing stronger. This is the new show. This is about the fight favoring to the resistance, and about the original goal of TAAG becoming a reality.

  64. I posted this on the video comments, but I'll repeat it here, since you asked!

    So this is the reward for two years of loyal community? I wouldn’t say I wanted answers to all our questions, but what frustrates me with this 12 in 12 is a total lack of CONTENT. There’s nothing in these videos, except running around. Remember the first 12 in 12, where there was all this exciting community interaction (not to mention about 37 minutes of video in total, as compared to today’s 18)? Today, we get this message about how it’s “all about the boards and forum”, but then the characters come on and say a few words at the beginning and then disappear. It feels like such a big middle-finger to all of us because of how good the series has been at times. We all know they could have done much, much better than this. Oh, and the “surprise ending” that just let us watch the previous vid all over again? Priceless.

    When it was first announced that there wold be a new show, I already knew I would watch it. But if I had been at all unsure, this finale wouldn't have done anything to "entice" me...

  65. Don't you people understand... The 'creators' haven't worked on this show for years...


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