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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn has prepared an EPIC ORIGINAL MIX for the show tonight. It is mostly done, but he might add some LIVE elements.......stay tune for a 20 minute segment. There are 46 songs which is the same number as the "Mashup of Doom". As an exhibition match Glenn challenged everyone listening to pick out the song titles in the mix.

Also tonight. Thoughts on the finale.

LG15 published credits for the first time in video form. Glenn was happy to see his name included, but was surprised that Jenni Powell was left out. He said that it is cool to see everyone rally around her in the "Creators & Crew Elimination Game".

Misty eyed moment
Glenn's younger brother suggested they set up an old PC as a home theatre. Most TVs have a VGA input. What did Glenn watch? Mask !
They both were fixated. It came out in 84/85. It is so well done. Eric Stoltz is fantastic. It will choke you up. Just look at how we all get held back by things in life. It is based on a true story. Why did Cher not get nominated for an Oscar?

Over the weekend Glenn watched the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (it continues Terminator II). There are two schools: James Cameron fans who get into the sci-fi; and pple who like Arnold. Glenn fits in with the former. Brian Austin Green shows up. Everyone remembers him from 90210 but he has talent beyond that. Shirley Manson will also be on it. Glenn once interviewed her and said she is great and mentioned another article on her in Details magazine.

Glenn then performed an insanely awesome live mix:

"Glenn - 46 Songs (and Counting!) - Mix in Progress - Can You Identify All of the Songs? "

It ended up with 47 songs. Jenni Powell guessed a lot. Glenn likes MixMeister fusion which he says is surprisingly easy. It makes the music a bit more interesting and it is less technical than doing a mashup.

Reactions to the Lonelygirl15 finale
It is tough to end a series with that much history. How do you wrap up the primary story, and still set it up for the spin off show? You need a pay off for the viewers. You need a cliffhanger, but you also need a strong sense of resolution. They had a chance to really plan this out. Did they hit the mark?

There were a lot of negative reactions to the finale. Sometimes people just want to vent. We saw much the same after Bree died. A lot of people were "done".

People often come back to a show just for a finale. For example, that happened with Dawson's Creek. It is a challenge to wrap it all up. It is confusing for people who were expecting a "real finale".

With the new show launching, do you think that if it has been presented as a "season finale" (rather than a series finale) and that the old show would transition to a new show if would have worked better? For example, with the Practice was ending Boston Legal was starting up.

Glenn's expectation was more like Three's Company ending. The finale was ok, but as a fan Glenn was forgiving. Perhaps the stronger idea would have been to do a cliff hanger and then announce the finale. That way they would have time to prepare the finale and set up the new show. Perhaps that would have managed people's expectations better. Of course, behind the sceenes that would have been a hole set of issues with cast and crew.

The Anchor Cove crew has way less expectations and reacted on a different level. They gave up on the concept of a satisfying resolution a year ago. They find ways to enjoy things that once would have been disappointments. They do not seem as angry. On LG15 Today and LG15.com people are just pissed. They were hoping to see more resolution to the current story. You have 3 or 4 waves of fans and each seem to enjoy the show on different levels.

Some people did enjoy the finale. They are people who view the finale as a stop on the way to the new series. They like the show, and they intend to keep watching it because they enjoy spending time with the characters. It is like a relationship that has become a habit.

Glenn was shocked that people just did not seem enthusiastic about the finale even with the new show coming up. What has been put out for the new series so far has been good to build excitement but they missed the mark with the finale in terms of building excitement. Did is satisfy on the right level? Was it easy? No, it was a challenge.

Outside LG15 we still have not seen a lot of stuff outside the comedy genre that has worked online. For soap opera you have Prom Queen. Glenn went to a NewTeeVee event last week.

"Dr. Horrible" is in a class all of its own because of Joss Whedon. It has a built in fan base. Glenn hopes that it would still have caught on even if it had not been Joss, but we cannot take it as being indicative of a trend. It will however probably stimulate some more quirky works. Joss has done a lot of different stuff with TV, but some of it has not sustained a large enough audience (e.g. Firefly). The online world presents a new distribution channel. His hard core fan base is sufficient for a huge hit online.

Compare this to bands that on a major label maybe had one good hit and then got dropped by the label. They have a die hard fan base and can tour on their own. Financially it is almost a better business. You only really need the core 100-200k fan base. Part of the Joss Whedon success is that he gets a similar effect in addition to the press he received for being first.

Comedy is still the largest sector.

Glenn will be interested to see how Sorority Forever does with the WB.

Six months ago Glenn would have predicted that we would see real growth in the independent series. He is a little shocked at how much he as been enjoying Hulu. If it is online with Hulu you need to get it onto your TV. They have all 3 seasons of "Its always sunny in Philadelphia". They added Dr. Horrible. They have been adding supplemental stuff. Glenn thought Hulu would turn out a lot less cool than it has turned out. It is going to make things much more competitive online for independent series.

It is going to be hard for the next "LG15 type" success. Not everyone is going to have the same access to distribution. You might not be on Hulu and you might not have front page placement on YouTube. "Big media" is starting to take control. It is a bit of a suprise to see them get it right with Hulu. It offers a compelling alternative. The studios were upset about the pirated content on YouTube and created their own outlet. They were late to the game, but they hit the mark and it is growing. This is unfortunate for "the little guy" who wants to showcase their own independent series.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. I watch Hulu because it has content I want to see and the ads, so far, have not seemed excessive. Viewers don't care which "channel" serves the content - they only care about the content served.

    There will always be a place for YouTube style delivery - open to everyone, and lasting availability at no cost to the provider - and where good independent stuff has the opportunity, in time, to gain attention and an audience by 'word of mouth' (or the internet equivalent).


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