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Friday, August 15, 2008

Will Bebo Cancel Sofia's Diary

From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofia%27s_Diary

"There Have Been Such Rumours That Sofia's Diary Would Be Cancelled After Not Even Being Shown After A Year . Bebo Have Not Yet Confirmed Weather If It's True Or Just A Silly Rumour . But Sofia's Diary Have Not Kept Up With Kate Modern's Standards (Ratings) , And That's One Of The Reasons Whyit May Be Cancelled."

NOTE: to date we have not been able to substantiate these rumors and their is no source given on Wikipedia. We hope that Bebo will act quickly to clarify this situation since many of us enjoy Sofia's Diary.


  1. The view numbers look quite good. i cannot imagine they would cancel it but after KateModern anything is possible.

    After all the idiots at ABC did cancel "My So Called Life". But then again, this is the interwebz and I hope Bebo is a little more smart than ABC.

    And no, before someone calls me on it, I am not saying Sofia's Diary comes anywhere close to the genius of "My So Called Life."

  2. I've just got into Sofia's diary. Just my luck.

    As long as they conclude it thoroughly.

  3. To Be honest, I'm not surprised that Sophia's Diary hasn't gotten the same ratings. It hasn't been as interactive as KateModern has, and it seems better suited for TV than for the internet.

  4. Actually the views for Sofia's Diary and Sam King are much higher than Lonelygirl15 for the past year. Both have been getting over 500,000 views per video. It appears that you do not need interactivity for a show to develop a huge following online.

    Yes interactivity is fun. However to date the participants in interactivity outside of OpAphid and CIW have been very very small in comparison to actual video views. it looks like interactivity by itself will not be the make/break for an online web series.


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