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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tools for Audio: Hobnox Audiotool & Audacity

Can you create the coolest sound track since the Tachyon Theme "What Time Is It?!" (listen to Glenn Rubenstein's OpAphid v. Tachyon Unofficial Soundtrack)

Hobnox.com has a beta version of a flash based audio synthesizer tool you can use online to generate your own audio tracks, as well as a library of sound clips from various free sites (licensing, for example by Creative Commons, depends on the source of each file in the Hobnox library).

Hobnox Audiotool Video Tutorial

(click image to go to Hobnox Video Tutorial page)

"Video Tutorial Audiotool
Experience the Hobnox Audiotool! It's a virtual reproduction of the 'Roland' synthesizers, which jump-started a thing called techno music in the mid-80s."

I played with the demo for a few minutes - long enough to see that it is fun and has a million buttons and knobs, multiple tracks, instrument sounds, rhythms, and filters, but not long enough to really understand how it all works.

Suggestion: try this tool out and write a review for LG15 Today, with any tips for other video makers who might want to use it to add a soundtrack to their work.

Another free (open source software) tool, that is extremely useful for recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks is available for download from Audacity. You can use it to record from a microphone or from anything playing on your PC's soundcard, and alter the audio in many ways such as reversing it, changing the pitch or speed, etc. This is a very useful and highly recommended free tool I use all the time. You can save the finished audio file as a .wav or .mp3 file for use elsewhere.

Links to Hobnox.com and Audacity have been added to the right side of this blog under the Music links, where you can also find royalty free music sources --->


  1. Thanks this is a useful post!
    I bookmarked it :)

  2. All the BreeFM'ers know about Winamp (a free .mp3 player, but also a good song organizer that has been used by BreeFM DJ's to broadcast - I assume it is still done that way - and by some BreeFM listeners).

    For those that don't you can download it for free here:

    I set up playlists on my PC and run the audio out to a external speakers.

    It's very easy to use - you can drag and drop mp3's into its window to add them to playlists, and click the lists or songs to play them. And it has lots of slick looking skins, and other extensions aimed toward making it a more general media player.

    I just use it for .mp3's

  3. Thanks for the mention of the tool. Expect an update of the tool including live recording in the next couple of days, soon after Flash 10 is being released. keep an eye out on our blog to get the latest. www.hobnox.com

    Cheers, David / Hobnox

  4. New version of the Audiotool is online now, saving your tracks is finally possible:
    All the details about the new version in our blog:


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