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Monday, September 29, 2008

io9: Lonelygirl's Resistance Isn't Futile, Explains LG15's Fialkov

This month saw the launch of the franchise's latest chapter, an ongoing webseries called LG15: The Resistance. We talked to the series' head writer, Joshua Fialkov, about how to convince the world that you've turned your teen angst show into a scifi epic.

..."As I look at what we're doing, while the idea of it being in the vein of a Buffy or a Heroes is certainly valid, what we're really emulating is the classic Shakespearean structure. Now, while that structure is inherent in any genre fiction, it's even more prevelant in what we do, as you're literally getting soliloquies from the characters on a weekly basis."

..."Working in comics, you're constantly going to meetings, hearing pitches and the like, for what the 'future' is going to look like. Nine times out of ten... they're bullshit. Sitting there with Miles that balmy summer evening, I realized that this was that one time that it's not."
Full article:Lonelygirl's Resistance Isn't Futile, Explains LG15's Fialkov (Sept. 27, 2008)

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