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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nemarous in chat on tuesday!!!

Nemarous was in 3rd triad last night, or this morning at 2:44 Am EST in the #3rdtriad channel

[02:44] <@Nemarous> lousy internet
[02:44] <@Nemarous> anybody home?
[02:47] <@Nemarous> serves me right I suppose, it's really late and the rest of the world is sleeping.
[02:47] <@Nemarous> I'll come back when most of you are awake
[02:47] <@Nemarous> maybe Tuesday at 9pm pacific
[02:48] <@Nemarous> yeah..that can work.
[02:48] <@Nemarous> well, <3 you guys and gals
[02:48] <@Nemarous> sleep peacefully
[02:49] <@Nemarous> blessings.

Yes, Nemarous himself will be in chat at 9pm PST on tuesday. No one wanted to be in chat at 2 Am last night soo ya. Be at the chat. in the #3rdtriad channel

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