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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eye On: Grace


Grace Christianson is the center characters in the upcoming all new web series, forevergrace, which will begin it's episodic run November 2nd on youtube.com. The first season is set to contain a full order of 130 videos across 24 weeks, also including blog posts and image deciphering by the core cast, and will conclude Summer 2009 with an exciting and intense 12in12 finale entitled "EVOLUTION". Over the past few weeks, Grace has been blogging from the comfort of her own in an effort to expand the Prologue of the series before Chapter 1, How Long is Forever, begins. Here is an update of all of her recent postings on http://www.forevergrace.mfbiz.com/!



Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a little something so that you would know that I am still on the face of the earth! Like aliens could actually come down and abaduct me or something... LOL. Anyways, I should probably introduce myself before this thing gets out of hand here and you start to believe I'm some sort of psycho stalker posing as a teen online. Well, my name is Grace Christianson, but I'm no saint. Don't let the name fool you; I can get down and dirty just like anyone else out there. I consider myself to be mainly a free spirit. Seeing as how both my parents were never around, I kind of had to learn how to grow up on my own. Luckely, I have the best boyfriend ever (Ben Rhyman) to put a smile upon my face when things aren't going exactly as planned. And Natalie, of course, my best friend! (Sisters Forever). I miss them, my parents. I just had so little time to get to know them. While other kids were out trying for cheerleading or following their father's to a home court game, I was sitting alone alone in my room, wondering why life turned out the way it did. I'm no one special. I'm just me...
I would've killed Natalie for moving us out here to this dump if it wasn't for my wonderful boyriend Ben promising to stay by my side every step of the way. Look how well that's turning out! We've had our differences before, but nothing has pulled us more apart than this new town. Dharma Rhodeis tearing my life apart. To prove it, here is one of my more recent works used to define the term. I just wish everything could just go back to the way they were before.


You know that great boyfriend of mine I was talking about? What was his name again... oh yah... Ben! Well, after a wonderful night out on the town with the so - called "Man of My Dreams", I learned of a revelation I am now not too fond of! AND IT"S DRIVING ME CRAZY! During the movie last night, Ben's phone went off like every 10 or so minutes (not even exaggerating), each time displaying the words: new text/picture message followed by a sparkly dotted heart graphic at the bottom. I thought all the madness would stop by the time we arrived to dinner, but as you can tell through my unsuttle words and quiet mischievous remarks, I was deadly wrong! The text message slowly turned into calls, ad the calls then became numerous trips to the bathroom. It was only halfway through my meal that the suspicions inside of me would begin to implode. Could his mother really have worried herself to the point of insanity? Granted, I've only ever met the woman twice in the three years we've been dating, but somehow I knew these messageswere coming from within somewhere deeper. Someone deeper. Finally, as the waiter made his rounds towards our table to collect the check, I had spotted her. The beautiful, flawless, mature classmate of his that could'nt learn to keep her hands to herself! Few words were spoken, but as we arrived in front of the door of mine and Natalie's new home, we both knew in our hearts it was over. Maybe it had never even started to begin with?


Within the past several weeks, my life has seemlessly changed in a drastic rate of time in front of my eyes. I used to be a fun, active, creative teenaged girl with the soul to be able to do anything I could dream of, and now I fear that has all been lost. You see, lately I have felt a sort of emptiness in my craft, developing the one and only feeling that something is missing. It all began with my parents. I know I don't talk of them much, but it is just because of the artificial lack of knowledge I, myself, have declared of their being. Therefor, you can't come to an immediate assumption of me through short online diary entries. How can you even dream of judging someone based off of the information they have chosen to share with you? Trusting a community of souls they don't even know! Then again, maybe it's Ben. As much as I try to get him out of mind, forgetting the pain he has caused to my heart, I can't. I won't. I won't erase the memories we shared, good and bad, because deep down inside I realize that we did love each other, and no one (no matter their importance) can change that. So now I sit here, with the ashes of his remaining items I have burned, wishing and hoping that I hadn't. Each of these things have a special reasoning in the world, as does everything you ever hold dear. I am sick of being the odd woman out. Tired of receiving endless messages from you people, telling me that I am no more important than the rest of you. Because I know I am. I know I am ment for greatness and just like the love for Ben that will always continue to burn inside me, that will never change!

More posts to come soon! http://www.forevergrace.mfbiz.com


  1. No offense, but can you make these posts shorter. Link to blogs and put a shorter amount of information. This is taking up WAY too much space on LG15:Today. I have no issues with you promoting your series, that's what this is here for, but just be a little bit more conservative as far as space is concerned.

  2. You already plugged the show with your brilliant double post. Nothing new has happened. Why is there a new ridiculously long post about it?

  3. Thus far, it seems our questions have been ignored. (Kinda makes me want to completely avoid this show).

  4. I probably am too. But if they were polite and respectful I might give them the chance. I often give people second chances.

  5. that chick looks like she could suck a golfball through a garden hose.

  6. If I said it once I'll say it a hundred times dude:


  7. I just want to know why there is a drama going on here that I have been unable to somehow put myself in the middle of with my opinionated longwinded ramblings.

    I mean, it isn't as if I don't have an opinion about the issue. I have a big mouth and an opinion about everything.

    When am I going to settle down and post some really long statement about how I feel regarding this drama? WHEN?

  8. Haha, I didn't even know this got the label drama! Wow...haha

    I honestly was just wanting them to be considerate with their posts and not make them uber-long or to double post things. And yes I'm repeating my requested hoping that it won't fall on deaf ears...


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