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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frank Is Not Dead (hidden audio?) - LonelyGerbil15

The results of the audio extraction of "buried" sounds in aparkwefunk's Frank Is Not Dead video. The mp3 of Puscifer's "Indigo Children" was used to mix with aparkwefunk's version to extract the sounds as effectively as possible. It's hardly perfect thanks to ugly distortion that may have been introduced into aparkwefunk's copy by Youtube. However, it does reveal all nature of otherworldly sounds in aparkwefunk's audio that DON'T appear in the mp3 version of the song Indigo Children!

0'14.00 -- Distorted pounding via synthesizer; not in time with the song.
0'37.50 -- Strange piano, not in same key as the song.
0'42.50 -- door squeak, a voice, low synthesizer note (like a sledgehammer), high pitched sound (whisper?), a "worm" voice.
0'48.50 -- odd plucked instrument + timpani drum; neither in the same key as, nor in time with the song.
1'01.70 -- the unintelligible "mouth" whisper.

I used filtering to filter out (muffle) the highs when possible, to reduce the ugly distortion, and make the buried sound more audible. That's why the sound keeps changing back & forth from clear to muffled. At times there was a higher pitched sound that didn't appear in the mp3 version, at which time I un-muffled the sound. It's possible that aparkwefunk used an alternate remix of the song. On the other hand, if APARKWEFUNK put these sounds in, he's even stranger than we thought! I was doing this at night and it gave me the Cassie creepies!


This video is in response to the video Frank is not dead by APARKWEFUNK ...

Frank Is Not Dead


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