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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hooking Up - "Tramp Stamp" (EP. 3)

Meg's dibs on Nick is threatened when she finds out that a very beautiful tattooed girl is his "go to" person for help.


  1. OMG Did anyone else just notice that new hymn of none video??
    It was up for about 10 mins then went private!!
    It's called Remember The Mission.


    It's still on private and has just disappeared from my youtube homepage
    Damn, I got first comment on that >_<

  2. Bless you Hooking Up, for having the class to stand up for the tramp stamp.

  3. This is actually a pretty clever series.

  4. I like how they used the annotations to change the title of the video from Skank Butterfly to Tramp stamp... Apparently, they assume their core audience doesn't know how to turn off annotations. On second thought, they probably don't.


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