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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lonelygirl15 still rules!

This chart looks at the total views/day on the lonelygirl15 youtube account, the LG15: The Resistance youtube account and the LG15: The Resistance MySpace account. Remember that there are a large number of older lonelygirl15 videos that are contributing to views/day but other than that the chart pretty much speaks for itself.

It should be noted that the chart does NOT include the views for individual character accounts in the LG15: The Resistance series and only shows the views/day on the main series account. Also note that the new LG15: The Resistance series is being added to the lonelygirl15 account after a delay of a few days.


  1. This doesn't bode well for the series, does it?

  2. i checked recently and "in the bedroom" is still getting about 10K views on many days. other top hits like "girl tied up" and "lazy eye" get a few thousand every day - meaning they get about the avg. weekday take of a brand new lg15:tr video, every single day.

  3. Looks like they need to go back to suggestive titles. In the video where Jonas and Reed finally meet, they could call it Brokeback Mountain.

  4. Bahahaha joe you need to work at EQAL.

  5. I need to work at EQAL too!

    That said, without LG15 there is no Camp Bloody Beach, Fred, Happyslip, Smosh or any of the other youtube supershows out there now. It has set a standard and proved that the new media can be more than just the new Jim Rose Circus.

    My hat remains off to a series that doesn't know the meaning of '15 minutes of fame.'

  6. Amen Bloody breach!

    and YES Joe should work for EQAL

  7. Hmm... no Fred? Enough said. I'm going back in time and stopping LG15 from ever happening.
    Anything to make Fred go away!

    The smart thing would have been for EQAL to do something totally different not more of the same under a (well almost) new name. But who ever accused them of being smart?

  8. Oh and they could have hyped whatever new series they planned on making as "from the creators of Lonelygirl15..." and even had ads on the LG15 YouTube site.

    Damn *I* need to work at EQAL. Except I would rather work somewhere better.

  9. Bloody Beach I love you! I think the new show has a lot of potential and I don't blame them for staying in the same realm where they have loyalty. I think a lot more effort needs to be put into PR and finding new viewers and pulling people in. The story itself is good...we just have to get people to see it.

    Sidenote, I wish Fred had never happened too. UGHHHH, hate it....

  10. I have no idea who "Fred" is...*lame*

  11. Consider yourself lucky limepenguin.

    I was just curious who this very popular youtuber was and watched a video...

    I very much regret that choice. I dislike him greatly and now feel the need to cringe when his name is spoken.

  12. Fred is running for President, didn't you know? I'll post his campaign video.

  13. Please no Bloody Beach!!!

    I'll do anything! Just, NO!

    *Campaigns to keep the blog Fred free*

  14. BTW I love Cap Bloody Beach so far! Just a side note :)


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