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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Remedy - Sarah blog (LG15: TR)

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I hate to admit it, but Hymn of None was right. Jonas and I were acting like idiots the other day (him more so than me, but he agrees to disagree on that one).

Since yesterday morning we’ve been working on translating the text of the Samsaran Doctrine. Most of it is just fanatical rambling about Crowley, singing eternal songs, and making sacrifices out of small animals for spiritual enlightenment.

Um, riiiight...

Most of the chapters confirm stuff we already know. Like Dendera and the existence of the ‘fountain of youth.’ Or in this case, ‘woman of youth.’ But, some of the stuff that’s written through those symbols... it’s all pretty weird.

Weird and promising. We found one passage that could be HUGE. Fingers crossed it’s what Hymn of None was hoping we’d discover.

Check it out:

Hathor destroyed the village elder and burned his home. Beneath the surface of the ashes was her mighty object. Hathor re-assembled this creation to destroy another she had conceived.

The Goddess pursued the location of her fountain, placed the device beneath the surface of the water, and drained the edifice of its purity.

Then she left. Soon villagers flocked to their precious lifesblood -- which had turned the water into a fluid no purer than the Nile. Many drank, but none felt the change in their bodies.

The taste had gone. The water was now familiar and wanting. Normality had returned.

Minus all the fairy tale gibberish -- does this mean there could actually be a CURE for the Trait-Positive gene????!?!?!?!?!?! This ‘device’ or whatever?!?! Look, if the water from the fountain is a substitute for the bloodstream, then maybe we could use the device on a human body. Somehow. It seems relative, right?

Jonas is freaking out and so am I. Again, this could be HUGE. If this is the Resistance’s new mission, we’re going to need a lot of help. TTYL when we get more info.


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  1. "The Goddess pursued the location of her fountain"

    Sounds icky.

  2. Sometimes I think they write this stuff just for us to make jokes out of it.


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