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Saturday, October 11, 2008

So: - The Coalition

It's really the dreams that I've been having lately. I mean, every since I was a real little kid, my mum's been rather weird about my dreams. I can see her reasoning, but still... this new dream, it's driving me nuts!

Let me start from the beginning. Of the dream, anyway.

It starts out with me in this gorgeous, circular room. I mean, gilt and marble. I'm almost afraid to stand in the room, it looks so expensive, even if it is bare of any furniture or anything. I'm looking around, and I see this little kid, with a halo of fire around his head, like some literal Byzantine painting. He's running around starkers, and all of a sudden, he runs right out the door that certainly wasn't there a moment before. I run after him, but he eludes me, running behind the gossamer skirt of a tall woman. Beside her is her identical twin, only...

Click here to read the rest and respond.

Also, while you're on the site, may I recommend The Coalition mp3 player on the front page. I just lost an hour to that thing. The Worldfiles music is some of the best.


  1. I didn't write this.
    My dreams have been just fine (what I remember of them), and I never had a 'mum' only a mom. Whoever wrote this...I don't know why they would, but it wasn't me.

  2. oh.

    I thought you were the administrator, sir.

  3. ok, I see the name of the author has been changed now on the site. Thanks.

  4. A change in the global settings inadvertently changed the author name on the post - it's been corrected. We want to be sure the users of the site are properly credited with their contributions.


  5. I'm glad all that was cleared up.
    I agree. The music is incredible.

  6. Well, Bob, since you're here, how are you? :) I haven't spoke to you in a while.

  7. I guess things could be worse, eh?
    Thanks for asking. :-)

  8. I seem to have lost $62 trillion. Have u seen it by any chance?


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