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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorority Forever: Episode 28 "Return To Sender"

The package that Julie sent her sister Natalie was returned to her unopened.
Sorority Forever: Episode 28 "Return To Sender"


  1. That was fucking creepy...

    I started watching this simply because of Jessica Rose (and the slight possibility of seeing her and a few other attractive girls pillow fight and stuff) but lately its developed into a very, very well-done show.

  2. It's well done....half of the time.

    Episodes like this are spectacular...but yesterdays episode was complete plotless trash.

    I do really like where this story is going, as long as they stick to the story.

  3. I also started watching this because of Jess but have been sucked into the mysterious intrigue. I agree that they should focus more on plot than character development at this point (although I'm sure the entire series has already been shot by now) but in general this is a very high-caliber series.


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