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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whatever Happened To That Boi Jonas?

Yesterday we looked at the overall performance of the LG15: The Resistance YouTube and Myspace accounts. Today we are looking at the performance of the individual character accounts for LG15: The Resistance. What is surprising is not so much the poor performance of the individual videos but the apparent absense of views on the Jonastko account. We know the recent video ( Done Dirt Cheap) had only 4,000+ views which is suprisingly low for an account that has 14,000+ subs. We know that a large proportion of the views are coming from the LG15.com web site. But, why do the views not register on Tubemogul?

A closer inspection of the Jonastko account shows that the "video box" that shows individual videos has been removed. One has to ask what impact this could have on the actual performance of the videos on YouTube. Is this part of a deliberate strategy on the part of Eqal, Inc. to drive traffic to the LG15.com web site or is it just something they overlooked in the design of the Jonastko account? Time will tell.


  1. they need to get on that

  2. I wonder if it sends out the subscription alert when the box is missing. That would be a huge hit if it did not. Has anyone ever tested that out?

  3. I'm really worried about how low the view-counts are for the LG15:TR videos...I'm kind of alone here but I really do like the show!

  4. You aren't alone limepenguin. I love the new show.

  5. I too am a bit shocked by the low view count. It looks like they've only managed to keep a small base of the original fans. Have they done anything to get new viewers?

    And unless I'm reading this wrong Sarah is in the lead. I guess I'm not the only one who like her.

  6. They did promote the main series videos on MySpace and that led to a reasonable number of views but very few subscriptions.

    The strategy seems to be to use the main series to promote the web site and then have the character videos be the core for building a core "social network". That is leaving the character videos a bit orphaned in terms of promotion on YouTube but if they can grow the social network to 100k + then that would change since most of the views would then be from LG15.com which is probably what they want.


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