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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New England H--- Waitaminit!

by dixiemccoy

Let's take a look here....

HoN obtains a video advertising an auction for "the mystery box" that contains the cure.... The puzzle says the auction will take place in Boston.

After many Scooby-doo adventures, the gang arrives in Boston, is split up, and Sarah and the Boston Resistance Posse discover a dude with a laptop leaving notes... leading eventually to one simply saying LBL has the cure in LA.

Now... considering there was NO auction... and the laptop guy's insistance that Sarah get the LA clue ALONE, and now knowing that HoN was MAGGIE....

Now with Jonas, Reed, and Maggie not being at the hotel when Sarah returns...

Does this sound a bit fishy to anyone else?



  1. Just sounds stupid to me. Hope is a terrible thing to lose. It doesn't make sense and hasn't made sense in a very long time.

    All I know is every time someone comes up with a cool theory for what looks like a lame plot, it never turns out the way we want or hope it to be.

    I watch the tv show ER. Sometimes they'll spend an entire episode trying to save one patient and fail. Towards the end with the grieving parent/spouse (ie. loved one) in the room, they'll explain that the brain was deprived of oxygen for too long. Basically that they're dead and there is nothing that can be done. But then the loved one begs the doctors to keep trying. The doctor looks up and stares into their eyes. And with that stare they accept that it's time to let go.

    These theories/questions are just like the grieving loved one; begging for this to make sense. We need a doctor Greene to tell us it doesn't make sense so we can finally let go.

  2. Or maybe it's time to start fresh with a new producer, new cast and writers.

    KateModern was great because it was a new series with a narrow focus. There's got to be some people out there who can take the LG15 universe and make it great.

    James Bond was revitalized by essentially "restarting" the brand with Casino Royale.

    It can be brought back, but doing the same ideas and repackage it as new is not the way to go.

  3. Not fishy. Just bad writing. But people have to come to terms with LG15 in their own time.

  4. It seems from the full boston HoN footage that because sarah did not go alone the as per instructions "the dude with a laptop" would not be allow her to go to the auction or progress any further.
    The notes up to the point where he took the laptop back and told her Sarah that she should have come alone were for the auction.
    The note that told Sarah to go to south street station is from someone else

    This is my understanding, based on the full footage from the Boston recap vid and Sarah footage of the note in south street station.

  5. I've wondered if there was never an auction, Maggie just tricked them into coming East to get her.

    Maggie said in the last video that she basically pretended to be helpless in the hospital so that she could plan her escape. Maybe she has been playing the helpless card again.

  6. i love diligent attempts to make sense of the storyline.

    someone please get back to me on the season 3 finale.

  7. yes, sometimes bad writing is simply bad writing.

  8. It's annoying that people are quick to jump at "bad writing" just because they didn't explain every single detail.
    It seems quite obvious that she failed the auctioneers test by the way the bloke told Sarah you should have come alone, took the laptop and walked off.
    Yes, LG15 season 3 finale was bad but the resistance is starting a fresh. The writing for the season so far is better than what we got for the last 2 season of LG15.

  9. Lots of unanswered questions, and the missing Jonas/Reed/Maggie is the biggest one of all.

    That to me doesn't sound like lazy writing, it sounds like a cliffhanger. What happened to them?

    OTOH, the wild goose chase aspect of this week's adventures may have helped move the relationships forward but was ultimately frustrating for plot development.

  10. Well it leads onto this week for plot development and explanations for what occurred, like what happened to the others and maybe an explanation for what came out of the live event.

  11. Kindred: give it a week and then let's have this discussion.

  12. Isn't Dr. Greene dead?

  13. As long as you come with a name that is not anonymous.

  14. Quick to jump?
    Three years of bad writing and plotholes makes this a scientific theory at the very least.

    Is there a list of plotholes somewhere? That needs to exist so I can just point to it.

    And just to be clear, the writing for LG15 The Resistance so far has sucked just as bad as lonelygirl15.

    Let's have a recap, shall we?
    Maggie wants to go to Boston. TAAG goes to Boston. Suddenly and for no reason Jonas and Maggie are like "no I cannot do this (whatever this is, go to the auction? The one Maggie was so dead set on?)!" Then Sarah gets a note in a bathroom telling her to go back to LA where they were to begin with.
    First and foremost, why the hell did Jonas suddenly decide not to go?
    Second - wtf, a note in the bathroom telling them to go back to LA? How convenient!
    This is crappy writing.

    Denial is the first stage.

    and I understand if anyone is like tl;dr because damn.

  15. ok, maybe dixie was onto something. i am gonna make this a new post shortly....


  16. "I don’t know who left the note for me in that ladies room. I saw some theories on the board here." - From Sarah blog, explaining that bit of the plot.

    They have last minute doubts, i don't think that's bad writing. And the writing for Lg15: The Resistance is a lot better than the last 2 season of LG15.
    I get the impression the people just wait for an opportunity to criticize, yes people have every right to criticize but like i said i feel people just wait to criticize and that no matter what they will.
    I know Lg15 had a lot of plotholes, it annoyed me but i still enjoyed it.
    Perhaps it's just me but i don't like to give up on things, i always have hope.


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