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Friday, December 12, 2008

12:00 PM - Day of Atonement

I don't know what to say. -- Reed


Artist: Castaneda
Track: Wait for Me


  1. This was spot on.

    Except I'm mad at Sarah. Okay not really, Jonas is super cute so I'm rather jealous...but seriously, why does she do these things?

  2. Yeah, this was a great length for a video. But Sarah + Jonas is just stupid. They've been fighting for almost 3 seasons and now they're kissing?! And she didn't need to get her shirt off, the cut wasn't beneath her clothing.

    Maggie and Reed will be angry and the group will be separated again. Not good.

  3. Hey, Reed had his chance.

    Could also be payback for Reed's little jealousy date he went on.

  4. She probably took the shirt off to avoid getting blood on it. Thats what I would do. Yes there are probably other motives, but that makes sense.

    I think Sarah and Jonas wouldn't work, but considering how good looking they are I'm surprised nothign has ever happened before (especially as much as they drink).

    Fighting is often hiding something else. I don't think they should be together, but I can accept this video.


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