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Friday, December 12, 2008

4:00 PM - Day of Atonement

In which someone gets his comeuppance. -- Sarah


Artist: Castaneda
Track: Wait for Me


  1. Evil Sarah is awesome!

  2. About halfway through, she makes it pretty clear that she's jealous! She is just TOTALLY unbelievable! I can't believe she's JEALOUS of the attention that Jonas gave the TP girls. Jonas's SISTER WAS TP. OMG! It's not that hard to see why he would feel affection for them, Sarah!

    Sarah saying that she was just trying to make Maggie jealous is, IMO, just her covering up for the fact that she actually WANTED Jonas.

    So despite the fact that Sarah is totally evil, I almost feel bad that she didn't get the affection she (apparently) wanted from Jonas. ALMOST.

    In other news, this was a nice, long video with a (IMO) great performance by Alexandra Dreyfus.

  3. What does this mean for Taylor, the apparently safely hidden away sister of Sarah. Is Taylor dead?

  4. This was so evil...but I loved it!

  5. Good question. What happened to Taylor anyway? Then again, I am still wondering what happened to Daniel.

  6. Uh, if Sarah is so into Jonas, why did she spend so much time with DB? Jonas would never go after Sarah when Daniel was around. Shouldn't a "smart" girl like Sarah know about the "bros before hos" law?

  7. I'm choosing to see this as the last video of the day. This would be the perfect ending, no need to go any further.

  8. I'm also curious how Taylor would react to this. Too bad she just disappeared.

  9. Sarahconfusesme:

    She spent time with DB to gain their trust, and because he knew that Jonas was definitely taken by Bree.

    Either that, or my theory that she actually liked Jonas was totally wrong. XD Definite possibility!

  10. Anonymous:

    Honestly, this makes me wonder if Taylor was EVER threatened. Everything that Sarah has EVER SAID is now of questionable validity. What if she just pretended she was being forced to help the Order in order to win back the trust of TAAG?

  11. No, I think you're right that Sarah likes Jonas, esp from this video.. and the fact that they were listed as one of the "couples to root for" on the Inside post the other day.

    It just doesn't make sense from a long-term standpoint. What about after Bree died? What about Daniel... Carl? Any of them? It just seems so random.

  12. If she was just trying to win back the trust of TAAG, why was she so conflicted before the last 12 in 12? Why did she ask Daniel if he'd stand by her through anything, etc.

    Like I said, this just doesn't make much sense to me from a long-term standpoint!

  13. SCM:

    I suppose the possibility remains that Taylor IS still in danger and is a factor in Sarah's betrayal. Or perhaps Taylor was what caused her to work with the Order during LG15, but before TR started the Order offered her eternal life (eg. the chance to become an Elder, presumably), which overrode any internal conflict she had been having.

    Sure, she cared about her sister. But mostly, she cared about herself.


  14. Seatbelt on, seatbelt off, seatbelt on, seatbelt off. The best performance in this video was by Sarah's seatbelt.


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