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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MEEPING NEWS! Comment Board Strives for 15,000 Posts

Hot off the presses! On the lg15.com comment board thread for yesterday's Day of Atonement promo video, it is reported that a challenge has been formulated by commenters, and accepted by Amanda Goodfried, to see if they can post a whopping 15,000 comments before the next video is posted.

the 411

I have no idea if this is feasible, it may depend on whether any videos are posted before the 12 in 12 begins at 8am PST on Friday morning. Previous goals of 10,000 comments have been met before, but never, ever, ever, 15,000. Hopefully medical professionals are standing by to address carpal tunnel issues, and tech support with extra F5 keys.

Also, it is not known what happens after the 12 in 12 ends (new season? we don't know), so this may be the last chance for the comment board peeps to climb Mount Everest for awhile.

Stay tuned for more meeping updates :-)


  1. Milowent, you're such a good journalist!!!
    :D :D

  2. Can you imagine if they were this motivated to comment on youtube?

    Just saying, that would do more good in the long run.

  3. You're using too much logic, veela.

  4. I'm a logical, pretty smart (not super smart or anything) person. I guess my mind just automatically works that way...or something

    I'm really tired today. I felt the need to respond but didn't really know what to say.


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