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Friday, December 12, 2008

We Are the Resistance - Reed - Day of Atonement

We will not be stopped. -- Reed



  1. Talk about a cliffhanger! Reed and Daniel are gonna work together, awesome. But is this really the last one? I'm hoping for a bonus video. And if not, I don't hope we have to wait a few weeks for the second season starts.

  2. This is meant to be the last video? This is the most absurd ending ever.


    Okay, wow, that was.. special.

  3. If this is the setup for the 2nd season, this is AWESOME!

    Daniel and Reed fighting Sarah, who is holding Jonas and Maggie captive!


  4. How is this a cliffhanger? What are we all waiting for... Reed to go into Daniel's apartment? Super cliffhangery...

  5. Anon:

    We don't know about the results of Sarah's ascension; nor do we know if Jonas and Maggie have survived. We DO know that Daniel and Reed will be teaming up, though. Seems pretty cliffhangery to me. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but I definitely want to find out what happens next.

  6. damn.

    curiosity didn't kill the cat.

    it sucked me back in.

    and I was over it. :-/

  7. So Yusef IS back? Did the wish fairy come to my bedroom last night?!

  8. Hm... Wondering if it actually is over tonight. Only thing that's weird is that the Creators haven't posted their usual "Did you like it?" blog on InsideLG15 yet. Still, it's been 80 minutes since the last video... Time to go to bed?

  9. I'm waiting for that too, a blog on insidelg15 confirming it's really over.

    Daniel made me so happy, that alone made the 12in12 awesome.

  10. I honestly don't know if this is the last vid or not. I mean, if it started after 8 am, wouldn't it end after 8pm? By my clock, it's 832 pm pst so maybe there's another on it's way? Only time will tell. Otherwise, my love for the show continues! I can't wait for more.

  11. Kim, I've been confused about that in the past, but if it ended at 8PM that would be 13 videos (which we had 13 videos so its a moot point)

    This was video "12" of the 12 in 12.

    Loved the cliffhanger, cannot wait for next season.

  12. Anon #3 again.

    Had time to think about it. Too many loose ends.

    And now I'm over it. :-/

  13. Veela,

    True. I'm just really happy to see Daniel back. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his first vid and then went crazy after seeing him at the end of this one. I can't wait for the new season.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there another web series during the first runs of Lonelygirl that kinda went in a parallel storyline. Something about a woman being the queen of the order (her name Erica, I think). Didn't they have a theory that a male and female had to conceive a child? Or am I just up way too early?

    Thanks LG15 Today for keeping excellent track of the finale. :D

  14. Kim - it does take a male and a female to conceive a child :P

    But seriously folks -

    Here are my thoughts on this 12 in 12:

    Better than the last one. At least we got decent length videos this time that told a coherent story (sorta) though I still don't get how they got that list of names...

    Plus - DannyB returns! Yay! I hope Taylor and Spencer (and Emma?) return next season.

    Here are my complaints: Sarah being evil makes no sense. How long has she been evil exactly? Is she really that selfish? I wanted it to be an act, a plan, not real! It's a total plothole/inconsistent mess. Didn't they use this plot twist already? Wasn't this season supposed to be about Sarah's redemption? WTF?

    Of course this season has been less than stellar. Not nearly enough fun videos (where is the TR answer to PSW? Where are the plushtoys? Where? Reed did not make enough vids!). The whole road trip/cure/doctrine thing was for what? To take up four weeks or so? LAME! Plus the absense of the Order for the most part so that TAAG could battle the FBI and LBL was just dumb and did little to further any sort of story.

    And Jonas doesn't always go for the TP girl. What about Jennie and Charlie?

    All in all I think TR season one was sloppy in terms of video quality and writing. The Creators need to learn to WRITE OUT EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE SO THAT THERE ARE NO PLOT HOLES. They need to answer all our Q's and resolve all the issues from LG15.

    And where were the Live Chats? Where was Nikki B?

  15. Yeah, I so miss Nikki B. She must return, I on't care of it's only for 1 video. She was so much fun.

  16. Kim: the series you are thinking of was a fan created series (see YouTube account: ACrowleyOrder). But you are right, it did touch on there being a male trait positive. In fact there were several UGC videos over time that have explored that idea.

  17. Yes! That's what it was, Jenni. Thanks for finding the name. I was thinking was being a bit nutty or something..nvm that last bit.

    I will agree that not every video this season was up to par. I have my feelings on a couple of them but overall, I think it was a really good season. We were brought back to the core of the series and re-united with DB. Of course, I wish that things were fleshed out a bit more. Yet, that's what season 2 is for. All in all, I am looking forward to finding out why Daniel was tagged as the only one to help and what happens exactly to Maggie and Jonas.

    Retro, I know that it takes male/female to create a child, lol. I was writing that after staying up all night so I kinda simplified things a bit. Never stay up all night and then try to think really hard. Leads to pain..not nice pain. I also think you have some valid points about the story. But then again, if the Creators gave us everything right all the time, wouldn't 436 feel so lonely?


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