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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Not-Skylar Upload. - abandonskies23

The title is just saying exactly what this video is about.

Skylar is royally pissed off at YouTube for fixing the glitch that many non-partner accounts used to "promote" more people to watch their videos by basically forcing them to everytime they visted their channel page.

As of today, that feauture is no longer possible. Maybe the glitch will occur again, but its doubtful.

If anyone else beleives that YouTube should have auto-play to normal channels, leave a comment.


  1. Why do pple in power always have to ruin the party?

  2. Wait, she's pissed that they fixed something that was broken? How exactly is that being an "Indian Giver"?

    The auto-play option is a reward to people in the Partner program. It's just good business sense for YouTube to fix a glitch that takes away that reward.

    I like Skylar but when she does these "bitching" videos it really turns me off.

  3. Even though I thought the autoplay was neat, I honestly don't think it matters and doesn't really make much of a difference in viewcount (and why does it even matter if makes a difference?).

    It was a glitch, we all knew it would go away. No point in complaining about it. Anon I agree that it is a bit of a turn-off. Not what I want to see at least.


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