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Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Family is Growing!

A short while back Virginian9000 posted a great article from Tubefilter about expanding a series web presence. He followed it with some great commentary that we took to heart so... we're expanding our presence on the web and our friends in the community have come on board to join our efforts. I'm happy to introduce the members of theCoalition "promo team". :)

theCoalition Twitter page - twitter.com/thecoalitiontv - will be managed and updated by veela-valoom and bree_is_awesome.
theCoalition Facebook page - facebook.com/pages/theCoalitionTV/112021860553 will be managed and updated by poknish and canadas_baby.
theCoalition Bebo page - bebo.com/theCoalition-tv - will be managed and updated by Ziola and Chershaytoute.
theCoalition MySpace page - myspace.com/thecoalition_tv - will be managed and updated by me (trainer) and theCoalition YouTube page will continue to be managed by theCoalition PM's.

Now you know who you're talking to on all theCoalition accounts so stop by and join us for some friendly chit-chat, fun and games. See ya there!

Visit theCoalition


  1. ohay. look it's muh forum name :)

  2. oh yeah, I forgot...
    bree_is_awesome = maddemp

  3. One point the article made is that it is vital for each of us to support series made by other people. I think this is a key step on the way for shows to build a larger audience. When you work with few resources it is often what you do for other people that can give you the edge. So try and follow as many series as you can, give them constructive feedback and explore new ways to encourage others to watch their series as well as your own. I think tubefiller hit the nail on the head with this point because in the end the genre may only thrive if we take our future into our own hands.

  4. You bring up a great point MM and part of our intention is to use some of these accounts for exactly that purpose. These accounts are in the hands of the community.

    I'd also like to let everyone know that theCoalition is not ONE story. theCoalition/Allies and Adversaries is a Universe of several interwoven stories with dozens of characters. Anyone with a related story can be a PM in theCoalition universe. Come join us!

    For stories outside theCoalition Universe, we've created "theCoalition Viewing Room" where we have been fortunate to feature great stories like Camp Bloody Beach, The Home Office and The Sudden.

    For individual creators we have the "Community Videos" section where everyone is welcome to share their videos with the world. We've also set up "The Storyboard", a place where creators can come together to develop ideas, collaborate, find actors/actresses and other producers. Both Coalition and non-Coaltion related stories are welcome.

    ALL sections of theCoalition - the Blogs, Galleries, Video Player, Forums and Chat, are available to EVERY member to share and promote their stories, interact, play, or hang out and chat. We encourage everyone to create and participate. We are an open, welcoming and growing family.

    For anyone who wants to jump in but doesn't know how to get started, feel free to drop me a note - [email protected]


  5. I just wanted to say: theCoalition people are AMAZING! They've been so helpful to me in setting up my series...even down to technical help. I'm having so much fun, and I know I've only used about a tenth of the interactive tools on the site! (Gonna try to do better at that.)

    They're definitely the most interactive series I've seen.


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