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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Re: Anchor Cove Goes to the Big Easy

Re: Anchor Cove Goes to the Big Easy
by suze900 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:32 am

I just had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAR. I just spent 6 hours with Jenni, Apo, and my darling and patient husband, wandering around the Big Easy, good times were had and are probably still being had.

We ate at the St. Charles Tavern, which is gritty and REAL and also serves excellent redfish, which Apo and Jenni and I partook of, while Tim had some great crab cakes w/pasta. We called Greystoke and Betz--LG422 appears to be waist-deep in FAIL at his place of employment tonight. Betz is driving down early tomorrow AM. We ate and ate and drank a lot of Guinness. Then we drifted off down St. Charles Ave. in search of karaoke. At one point we were wandering along the trolley tracks in the middle of the street like a bunch of homeless bums. Jenni and I found some beads and put them on. We waited a long time at Lee Circle for the streetcar to come along, which it finally did. We rode down to Bourbon Street, got off, and found a great karaoke bar in the first block off Canal Street. There we stayed.

The club has an excellent MC, the drinks are pretty watery but Apo had a little talk with the bartender and ours got better.

Set list: Jenni, "Don't Stop Believin'"; Apo, "Family Affair"; Me, "Stand By Your Man"'; all three of us, "Love Shack"; Jenni, "Baby Got Back" (EPIC) and "I Touch Myself".

Tim and I left at 1 AM and took a taxi home. Jenni and Apo are still there as far as I know, waiting for LG422 to show. I haven't had so much fun in ages. Much footage was shot, some of it will see the light of day soon.



  1. This sounded like a lot of fun. Curse my under-aged-ness and inexperienceness with driving on the free way! Also, y'know, school kinda gets in the way.

    I'm glad every one had fun :)


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