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Sunday, February 15, 2009

LG15: RP

One down, a thousand to go.
But I promise I'll find you all.

The Order had given me an offer; bring them back Lauren and Bree, and I could live. I said yes.

And then on Friday I found Lauren, and I took her to my car and drove away. And then I shot her in the head.

Order. Ryvest. I will NEVER work for you. I've realized that saving Trait Positive girls and killing Elders is never enough. Elders may die because we shoot them, or they get poisoned, or whatever. It doesn't stop a new person taking their place though. If we just keep on (trying to) save girls and kill Elders we won't get a real result. The Order will ALWAYS survive.

Which is why I've chosen another route. The Order relies on those Trait Positive girls. So if I kill every one of those girls - if I cut off the fountain of life - the Elders will NEVER get their lifeforce, and nobody EVER will. You may think that's barbaric, that I'm insane, but it's the only way the Order will ever be defeated.

I've already killed Lauren. My next target is Bree Avery, and if I'm lucky, Gina Hart at the same time.

You can't outrun the hunter. Just die happy knowing that your blood won't fuel an evil corporation.




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