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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Double Helix - (Part 1?) Solved

Double Helix

From sixsidedsquare at the UnFiction forums:
Using the original characters and ignoring the triplets, replace C's and G's with 0's and A's and U's with 1's. This gives:
(Super Tiny Binary Go~!)

[Note: Binary removed for the sake of space - see it here - Trainer]

Which translated to:

Sometimes, with the last light of evening, the dark, ramshackle trains
depart slowly from the stations;
metallic, dirty, crammed with hurried riders who fall silent while the
whistle says farewell to the platforms;
and the last scraps of newspaper scurry over concrete, under shoes, and
fall to the shining rails;
then, in the evening's slant light, its saffron and certain and sad-
smelling light, the last coaches vanish;
and I am the traveler, I am always the traveler, leaning, barely aboard
and lost in thought;
the traveler who has departed but never arrived, pursuing illusions in
train tunnels;
and then I tell everyone goodbye, and goodbye to myself, waving the
utopic handkerchief;


Now I'm not sure if that's the final 'answer' as such, or if there's another layer here. Depends on what the thing this from is like I guess. As I mentioned above there's still the possibility of an extra layer. Either way, as Rogi pointed out to me in chat, it's from a Spanish poet Roberto Manzano, translated by Steven Reese as seen on this page.


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1 comment:

  1. As Ziola pointed out on the UnFiction forums, the "FIND ME" line seems to indicate that there's more to this. Who are we finding?


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