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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eqal/Tubefilter - Harpers Globe Launch

The event featured guests from all around the WebTV community, shows such as The Crew, With The Angels, After Judgment, and Sorority Forever

If you don’t know, “Harpers Globe” is the online counterpart to CBS’ upcoming murder mystery event “Harper’s Island.” As much as they plug it as a Mystery, it definitely skews more horror/thriller to me, which would be refreshing to see in a TV show. Definitely intrigued.

See all the pictures and read the story here


  1. Daniel and Mallory together again, how cute.

  2. Yoooooousef!!!! He looks even hotter! What ever he did, it's working.

  3. "for once, the mobs of webseries stars got to eat good food that wasn't a perk of waiting tables."

  4. Where's Del Mundo?


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