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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Harper's Globe. Many questions, less answers - E11EVEN72


One by one, one by one.
Second Vlog.

Music: The Hymn, by Kevin Schlanser


  1. if the the use of the hymn of one music from lg15 doesn't clue you that its canon, i'm not sure what will :-)

  2. You think I'm a canon?
    I just downloaded that song.

  3. damn, if i'm wrong, i'm wrong. i'd like some other people to comment on their opinion?

  4. hmm, how does he know the lg15 terminology? "canon" I think he's canon, he gives me that vibe, but if he is I'm not going to bring out the c's, I guess they would would it kept a secret for a reason:P

  5. thanks mitch. i'm glad my skepticism wasn't totally off. i have concluded he's not canon based on the fact that he already posted a new video responding to my "accusation" - hence these vids are realtime and not in the can - no way we'd get that fast a response from a canon character.

    so, that means he's got some editing talent.


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