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Saturday, March 21, 2009


There has been a lot of unusual activity in the Maddison Atkins Universe lately:

Check out: http://www.maddisonatkins.com/

Jeromy Barber: Wait a minute!!?? What's with the new site??
Well, I can't say yet, but it has to be kind of obvious right? I mean why else go through the trouble of setting up this site if something.......

I'm not publicizing it yet, so if you are reading this, then you are among the first to see the first signs of something.....something I can't quite articulate yet.

The next season should be fun for everyone.


Jeromy Barber: What is happening here?
I'm not sure what to say. Stuff. Stuff's happening. Hopefully, it will be exciting. I'm happy how things are shaping up. I'd be shocked if anyone could guess what is next. The community here is important to me, and I have been working hard to get to this place. If anyone wants to get in on the ground level of "what is next" for Maddison Atkins then Come On! I'm happy to have the help.

Also take a look at the YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=maddisonatkins. All the video are gone.


  1. The videos are also gone on Clara's channel (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=amblyopianne).

  2. adamlamar as well

  3. Over it. Will not play again.

  4. No worries. You will be missed.


  5. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=21662479

    The Storyteller video is still up on Clara's MySpace, thankfully :)

  6. I'll be missed too. This might have been good news a year ago. Now it verges on pathos. Do something new. Trying to fly on former glory is soo...Glennish.

  7. You'll be missed, CtrlAltDelete... You'll be missed.

  8. omfg

    So, where do I go to see the videos?!?!

    What about all of the hard work we did on the comments? I spent like HOURS on that [email protected]

    Ok, so I dont really care, i'm just happy to see something happening. I'm definitely not as involved as I was, but i'll be watching and helping any way I can.

    Good to have ya back, J.

  9. boryalic - all I can say is finally :)

  10. "So, where do I go to see the videos?!?!"

    Pot calling the kettle now aren't we?

    Where are YOUR videos sir? Heehee.

    But yes, good to have you both back.

  11. xmarlasingerx has also removed her videos.

    The RE88 videos/accounts all seem to be there so we can assume Jeromy is doing this solo.

  12. Do I dare get involved again?

    Jeromy, last time you literally abandoned us half way through. How do I know you won't do it again?

  13. I am also interested in the answer to Peng's question.

  14. My two cents :

    Jeromy never abandoned us. It took me a long time to realize that, but the game and the series never really stopped. We could have picked up where he left off during breaks. Proper cinematography requires money, you can't make quality videos on a budget of $0 (i've tried, and failed.) Therefore, long breaks were necessary in between videos, but the story itself was kind of always in our hands.

    I'm not saying we didn't try like hell to get MA out to more people, to help expand the fanbase and generate awareness so that the series would get more successful, get sponsors, etc. We commented like crazy, and promoted, and did what seemed like everything we could. We waited through long spells with no character interaction, no videos, nothing only to drop right back into it all whenever things did finally pick back up. We stayed Loyal.

    But we viewed this as a game, or a web series, we viewed it from the outside looking in. We needed more AR and less G.

    What would we really have done if our friend got murdered on Youtube? What would we really have done if a college student said she wanted to help us find out the mystery behind her murder?

    Long reply short : Anybody up for breaking into a creepy ass church in Nactown with me? I got the crowbars if you got the flashlights :D

  15. Wow, this is exciting! Good to see some things happening with the new site. I will wait and see what's next.

  16. The videos can still be viewed...


    They are still there, just not displayed on the channels...

  17. "Anybody up for breaking into a creepy ass church in Nactown with me? I got the crowbars if you got the flashlights :D"

    Only if we can throw back a few with Clara afterwards. That chick seems to know how to party.

  18. It was never my concern that videos stopped. This is common with web video, and completely understandable. It was my concern that thing stopped abruptly, with no certain end, with no communication of that.

    It was the lack of communication that gave some people a feeling of abandonment. I'd like to hear what Jeromy has to say about that, even if its just that he thinks those of us who felt that way were just overreacting and unrealistic.

    I had thought Jeromy would communicate at the time when things had gone on hiatus or might simply be over. This never happened. This is really my only concern.

  19. If you looked closer the videos are only set to private.
    As to the past ending im sure i said id prefer it if J took time out to organise his funds and plots and relaunches when hes ready.
    Its quite obvious thers been some thought into a organised portal formed for something.
    So if he feels hes spent enough time away reforming im ready for launch!!!

  20. I feel the same as lime.

    I posted my concerns on the ma.com website...

  21. Lime!

    I'm addressing this as best as I can on the website.

    I would disagree with your characterization that I abandoned you. However, if I was in your shoes, I'd see it the same way. It would almost be impossible to see it any other way.

    Respectfully I cannot divulge IG or OOG reasons for the hiatus. All I can say is I hope you at least check it out when things start up again.

  22. And CtrlAltBahleeted

    That is a very good point. A very very very good point.

    From the mouths of computer commands . . . . .

  23. Break a leg, Pompous ;)

  24. "Only if we can throw back a few with Clara afterwards. That chick seems to know how to party."

    I'm there like a grizzly bear, yo.

  25. Grizzly Bears are such alcoholics. They really need to seek treatment.

  26. It's all that fermented honey. That stuff will F you up for reals yo!

  27. hahahaha!

    I just now got the pompous reference.... so now I do know!

    I see you!

  28. Did you just call me CtrlAltBahleeted?
    What the fuck was that?
    You got a problem with my comment then you have a problem. You wanna face your problem with ridiculous name-calling then you're a fucking child.
    CtrlAltBahleted indeed.
    Go fuck yourself J. Take that huge, thick, hairy ego and cram it without lube you little fuckboy.

  29. ummmmm.... Bahleeted is a homestarrunner.


    Apologies for it looking like an insult. I meant it to lighten the mood... or be humorous.

    I have no issue with your comment.


  30. So, I could call you Jeromy 'Bah'ber then, eh?
    I mean...it's funny to mess with someone's name, right? Get a chuckle at another's expense. Refer to them as a sheep. Which is just how it looked to me since I have no idea who Bahreeted even is.
    You wanna be humorous and lighten the mood (was the mood dark?), then maybe start with 'Knock Knock' or, 'A man walks into a bar...' Don't take personal jabs at someone's name/screenname. That's just wrong.
    My apologies for flying off the handle though. That was uncalled for.


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