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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Webseries Down Under - milowent

A tribute to the up and coming webseries from Australia that are taking over the Internets - Lg15:The Last and OzGirl.

Buying Tim-Tams from a man in Sydney
The Opera House was right next to me
I said, "Your webseries is a hit!"
He just smiled and gave me an Anzac biscuit,
And he said,

"We come from a land down under
OzGirl and The Last, and they'll be others
Can't you hear, can't you hear alarms clang!
You better run, we're throwing boomerangs!"

Execs lying in an office in L.A.
With a slack jaw, and not much to say
They say "these aussies, so full of tricks!
Its because they're all ex-convicts!"
And EQAL said,

"Webseries from the land down under?
Hot chicks with accents, make us purr
They've stolen all of our best bits!"
That's really why EQAL dumped the Misfits!

Oh! Webseries from the land down under?
won't even notice they've taken over!
Can't you hear, can't you hear them laugh at me!
Far away, watching within cooee!

Webseries from the land down under?
Is Bree there too, sometimes, I wonder!
Crack open another V.B.!
They're invading our screens, these crazy aussies!


Thanks to Mathieas for photoshop skills
And PJ for the animated Last pic
And to Australia



  1. OMG Milowent!!! This is sooo awesome :) You really did a fantastic job!!! We absolutely love it!! You captured Australia really well a long with both the series so far :)

  2. That was the best!!! I can't believe you even threw in Anzac bickies!!!

    Milowent you rock!

  3. meepers... we all know u are the original OzGirl!!!!


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