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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

If something works and you are happy/satisfied with it, then do not change it. For example if you try to calibrate a TV for one show then you just end up messing up other things that you watch. It is not always easy to set things back to where they should be. Same thing with Windows. It is very easy to mess things up trying to tweak them. Things were much simpler in the early days of computers and you could not do too much to mess them up.

Glenn's life is like a situation comedy. After a while you start to become aware that we are just going episode to episode. You get ideas and you go with them. Then, it is quite probable that things will go wrong and you will have to work hard to get them back to where they were when they started. You get yourself back to even. Fade to black, end scene.

As a teen it was more like a melodrama but as you settle into your life it feels like it has the rhythm of a situation comedy. A bit like Arrested Development/Curb Your Enthusiasm..... perhaps a little bit of The Office. What TV show is your life like? Real life is pretty funny when it is happening to other people.

People love shows like Family Guy because we all have had our life influenced by popular culture. We are all told TV is not real. Somewhere along the line we started to see stuff that was modelled after real life. It has become a reflection of current attitudes more and more. People want stuff that feels entirely real.

If you look at popular comedy movies that do well we are at a point in history where 50 percent are along the lines of intelligent/self aware comedy. For example look at a Will Farrel comedy and compare it to Paul Blart. (Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Glenn saw the Princes Bride movie 5 times in the theatre. It was a huge failure at the box office.

Glenn has never been a fan of character based humor but he really enjoyed the Comedy Central roast. Fry Club has been doing them for a long time. In 2000 Comedy Central started doing their own roasts. A lot of comedians are good on the roasts but are not that good as comedians. How did the concept of a roast come about? Glenn tried to track down some of the older roasts and found some with Dean Martin. They are just weird. They were on NBC so they were not nearly as mean.

Glenn is playing some "roast clips":

Nick DiPaolo - Larry The Cable Guy Roast
Gary Busey at the Larry the Cable Guy Roast
Jeffrey Ross - at the A&E Roast of Gene Simmons
Greg Giraldo at the Bob Saget Roast

A lot of roast humor today is sharp. The older ones are just as funny.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. is glenn hinting that we should do an online roast of him?

  2. ...I certainly think he is. and I know of SEVERAL who wish to participate.

  3. You don't ask someone to roast you, lol. That's kinda lame, but oh well.

  4. not getting a joke is even lamer.

  5. To Anonymous #2,( the one who linked the shitty Youtube video) thank you for waisting three minutes of my life.

    Srsly, that Scottish dude was the worst actor evar. He just kept babbling on about how "someone is out to get me" and "don't trust anything you see, even me." Oh, and who can forget the classic "I would probably be killed any moment, if it weren't for this trusty live web feed."

    I wish somebody would have shot him, at least then it would have been somewhat fucking interesting.

    Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, WTF did that video have to do with Glenns show?

  6. I don't think anyone was asking to be roasted. Besides if we were gonna roast anyone it'd be The Creators.

    EQAL has given us so much material.

  7. Anon#2 even lamer than not getting a joke is thinking a post is directed toward you. :-P
    I'm afraid I didn't bother with your post or watch your video link. My comment was actually directed towards milowent.

  8. which anon comment was directed to me now?

    as for the random youtube link, it appear to be an ARG trailhead of sorts i guess. i have no connection to it.

  9. Milo : I think he means

    "Anonymous said...

    ...I certainly think he is. and I know of SEVERAL who wish to participate."


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