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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maddison PI at The Blueberry Festival - Maddison Atkins

I'm not sure Maddison is checking the internet this weekend. I'll call her.

This video will make things make more sense. Things are getting stressful for her.

I cut the string from the pigeon's leg. It's red and frayed. I checked the coop and the box they came in for some sort of message. Now how did you all know something would be tied to the pigeon's leg. You all are fishy cause I know that I didn't put it there.

- Adam

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  1. Jeebus, Mason will soon take credit for the pigeons...I can FEEL it.

  2. Modelmotion is being faster than me! Oh gawd!

  3. "Now how did you all know something would be tied to the pigeon's leg."

    I don't know, it's as if this has all happened before...

  4. It's weird that we all dreamed about this happening before eh? :P


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