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Thursday, July 30, 2009

EQAL Now Wants to Compete with Ning

A private beta has yet to launch and pricing has not yet been announced.


EQAL Sharing Secret Sauce, Launching ‘Umbrella’ Platform

Web studio EQAL, which now likes to call itself a social entertainment company, is taking a big step into the platform game today.


Umbrella: Build Your Audience With the Same Tools as LG15 and Other Web Celebs

Umbrella’s hosted software as a service application is essentially a content management platform a là WordPress, with the simplicity of a Tumblr, and a powerful backend management panel that can pull in external data from integrated social properties.


See previous stories about Eqal Inc.



  1. So wait, let me get this straight...they don't even manage to fix a single link on a single site...out of four sites running that software, not a single is even close to feature-complete...no one really likes that software...

    ...and yet they want to sell it to everyone?

    EQAL truly is becoming the Microsoft of web shows.

  2. If the creators become as rich as Bill Gates I don't think they will mind a few million bugs.

  3. Why would anyone pay for this software when they can already use Ning for free?

    Dumb move.

  4. Why do I have a feeling that Umbrella's tech support is going to suck?

    Oh right...they don't know how to fix a single link.

    Thanks Ren!


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