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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Q&A to discuss any Harper's Globe

Today, July 14th, at 11am PDT (2pm EDT).

Shiori posted:

Jason said there'll be another Q&A to discuss any Harper's Globe questions you may have tomorrow, July 14th, at 11am PDT (2pm EDT).

Remember, he can't speak to Harper's Island stuff, so don't bother. Be there or be square!






Comments by Jason:

HG will not get its OWN DVD, but it is looking likely that it will be including in the HI DVD

Yes, Henry owned Hometown Press. He set it all up for his Daddy to lure Robin.

Wakefield and Henry were killing ppl up and down Washington, as practice. That is how Wakefield came across Cody and the Frat boys.

The guy in the road was Wakefield. Not sure why that was ever in doubt

CC is not the brightest bulb. He has been irrevocably damaged by the deaths of his parents. And he was hiding from Wakefield, who knew he was still alive. It was all to mask his presence and get info to Robin

HG will stay up for an indefinite amount of time. You may see SOME content updates now and again, but nothing is set in stone. It's all up to CBS

Yes, parts of the show were modified based on early reception to the show. And more opps for interactivity were opened when we saw how active you all were

Robin was a loose end Wakefield needed to contain

I can't really answer that except to say that Ep 15 was meant to be our Big Finale, with Ep. 16 more as a coda or epilogue

The mask was going to be a VERY tiny subplot, but it was dropped

By the time the marina exploded, the island had been evac'd

The little girl playing in the road is inconsequential. But the women in the rumpled CC's footage was his mother

Now you're starting to see why people were "named this or that". Also, hello, he caused a Dangerous Car Wreck!

The bear trap article WAS about the wreck. wakefield planted all the evidence for it

She was ALWAYS going to escape using CC's boat. But in earlier drafts... maybe something different

Robin was og'd supposed to be more threaded into HI, but it didnt come together. So no, never meant to be a part of the wed party

About 30 some odd days of principal photography, with another 7-8 days of reshoots later down the road. It was shot in and around Los Angeles, but mostly on the Calvery lot in Van Nuys

Miles just gave me the answer. He came up with it, and we worked the metaphor around the name. Good question.

The island has a timeline, yes. As does Robin's whole life, if you can believe it.

I will be Community Manager for Level26 and Paula Deen, and most likely the other projects we have coming down the road.

It was Henry that was "manning" HG for Wakefield

GREAT question. Certain people HAD to know Henry was in on it in order to execute our show.

HG was Robin's story. And her story was told from beginning to end.

If you've signed up for an EQAL site, you are on our email list.

More users would have helped.

You get us a sponsor, and we can talk

HG was about Robin's growth. Her lessons learned. She learned them.

CC DID have a limp, yes

GREAT question. Robin changed her look after college. Maybe as a means to start over, or as a means to hide.

kikikins asked:
Why did Wakefield want Robin to start an online community which would prove he was still alive?

That's part of the dropped storyline, but JW did

She was never attached to the tragedy, but maybe she's learned enough to come forward.

thanks everyone, it's been my pleasure being your Admin

aw man, we didnt even get into HG season 2. too bad...


though their was talk

no no, a s2 got pitched

Live Chat With ‘Harper’s Island’ Killer & Survivor
::::: SPOILER ALERT:::::

The chat will start on Tuesday at 1pm ET/10am PT.

by Karim Zreik
::::: SPOILER ALERT:::::

Since this is my final blog, I decided to randomly list some thoughts and answer some of the viewer questions, not only from the final two episodes, but also from the whole season.


For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island DVD will be released September 8.

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.


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