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Monday, August 31, 2009

Musicmatterseth.com is now live on Eqal's Umbrella software.


Other web sites available on Eqal's Umbrella software:


Source: http://twitter.com/TJMarsh/statuses/3674243241


  1. Can you imagine Van Halen's united global fanbase crushing down on Umbrella on EQAL's puny little server?

  2. I love the purple monkey with the umbrella. Should totally be their product logo!

  3. Renegade, I think if we met you might like me and be a little kinder about our efforts. I formally invite you to lunch/coffee if you are ever in LA. I think we will hit it off!



  4. A transcript of an Imagined Get Together of Renegade and Greg Goodfried at an LA Area Starbucks:

    Greg: Renegade, its great to meet you for coffee!

    Renegade: It would have been nicer if you didn't delay my coffee order by 32 minutes.

    Greg: Sorry, Ren, we didn't have anything to do with that.

    Renegade: Well, this is only speculation, but I noticed that when you placed your order, all the barristas suddenly went on a break. I leave it to you to consider whether this was truly a coincidence.

    Greg: What can you do? It must have been breaktime.

    Renegade: And for that matter, how do I know if you are even Greg? I see you have an iphone with you and its on twitter, yet you are not LOGGED IN ON IT!

    Greg: I'm sitting right in front of you!

    Renegade: Until proven otherwise, I must assume its not you.

    Greg: So I'm an evil clone?

    Renegade: Its really quite easy to log into twitter. And if it wasn't I could write a script that would solve this in about 5 minutes, though it would likely take EQAL's programmers 43.34 years to do the same. See graph here [link].

    Greg: Well that would seem to prove I AM Greg then, since I don't have such a script.

    Renegade: I will remain skeptical.

  5. Pfft...until that post reaches at least three pages, it remains nothing but a cheap imitation ;)

  6. Classic, Milo! Except that Renegade seldom makes his point (the above comments excluded, which is why I believe the Renegade commenting here is an evil clone) in less than 3,000 words! And Greg would start the conversation by showing pictures of Jack. :)

  7. @Broken Kid: Thanks I really like that pic too. :)

  8. I think Milo got it perfect.


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