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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Compulsions First Look

Compulsions is a new web series scheduled to debut around the end of October. The series has an intriguing premise, three ordinary people who rather than suppressing their dark compulsions act on them as an emotional outlet. Each of the three main characters has a different compulsion, one being Sadism, the second, previously unannounced compulsion, belongs to a women described as being a compulsive trophy hunter, someone who enjoys the thrill of the hunt. The third compulsion is still under wraps.

Bernie Su, the series creator and writer, describes the show as having the atmosphere of Dexter with a story format similar to Lost’s structure. Compulsions is a dramatic thriller designed for a more mature and sophisticated audience and as such may not be suitable for younger viewers. However, when I spoke with Bernie Su, he stated that the more mature themes are more implied than explicit, but he did not rule out the possibility of a pre-roll warning, which will ensure that every teenager who comes across the show will want to watch it. Furthermore, each individual episode will be told from one character’s point of view and will jump around in time; however, the overall story will be contained within a confined, specific time period.

The cast includes the versatile Craig Frank (The Crew) and Annemarie Pazmino, who audiences should remember from Sorority Forever, as the girl who propositioned Taryn in one of the shows more interesting episodes… that was pretty hot. Rounding out the cast is Janna Bossier, who is perhaps best known for appearing in Slipknot’s music video for Vermillion. Also, other familiar faces are expected to appear; however, once again, creator Bernie Su is keeping some details to himself, as part of his master plan to build suspense.

Compulsions is one of the few independent web dramas in production. I asked Su why so few dramas are produced, and he stated that with a drama it is important to execute on every level from the character’s back-stories to lighting and sound quality, where as a comedy is much more forgiving if one of the elements is off. Also, I would add that given the drive by nature of web videos it is simpler to give the audience a few laughs than to expect them to delve into a complex story; however, I believe there is an audience looking for more sophisticated story telling on the web and Compulsions may be the show to tap into that audience.

The first season consists of eight episodes. Unlike most series, which stretch the release schedule out, the current plan is to release all of the episodes within a couple weeks; however, the show’s producers are currently seeking a distribution partner so the release schedule is subject to change. Su stated that he is not simply seeking massive view counts, but that he rather is looking to build a loyal audience and generate buzz about the project. Given the amount of attention the project has received already, it was recently part of a write up in the New York Times, that is a likely outcome. For more information on the series check out the official website, follow it on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.


  1. Once again I would like to thank Bernie Su for the interview. I expected we would talk for ten or fifteen minutes yet we ended up speaking for almost an hour.

  2. This series should be on everyone's list. It is a really intriguing premise and I think it will find a loyal audience. The Web Files interview is coming soon....stay tuned!

  3. When I first read that I thought it said Satanism, that would have been something to see.

  4. Is there going to be a second season of Sorority Forever?


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