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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Greg answers your questions:

Greg said...

1) 18 and older rule. We are going to keep that rule as is. We really aren't comfortable with minors submitting and then having to work with their parent/guardian and verify that it is actually their parent or guardian. Sorry to those under 18, but this is the only we can do this.

2)OpAphid, like any other character, is fair game and can be expanded on based on the producer's desire.

3) Need to look into the IRS issue. My assumption is that the $5,000 will go to production costs for the producer and that it won't be taxable as income. I'm not a tax expert so I need to look into this.

4) Yes, we will take the video from the LG15 YouTube channel and embed it on the lonelygirl15 and Resistance channel pages. We will not be uploading the videos directly to either channel. Yes, we can send out myspace bulletins. Good suggestion. Please remind me if we happen to forget to do it, but that is a very good suggestion.

5) We will be acquiring the rights so the producer cannot submit the show places without our consent. But please note that we are doing TSIY2 to showcase talent so if the producer wants to submit their content to a festival we will be supportive. We will just want to make sure the submission is clear and doesn't confuse the LG15: TSIY2 submission with lonelygirl15.

6)I went to wikipedia and read through everything. that is great! I'm sure Jackson really appreciates it! Miles and I don't have pages, our names auto refer to lonelygirl15. Oh well, one can only dream :) Also, the grease monkey link fix is very cool. We know this community is talented, resourceful, and passionate and we hope TSIY2 is a step in the right direction showing you how much we appreciate it.

See the original post containing the original questions: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/08/lg15-show-is-yours-2.html

NOTE: If anyone has more questions it might be a good idea to keep them all on the original thread:


There is also a direct link there at the top of the blog.~mm


  1. If anyone has more questions it might be a good idea to keep them all on the original thread:


    There is also a direct link there at the top of the blog.

  2. thanks greg, for noticing the herculean efforts we've put up on wikipedia to save jackson's page. my recollection is that both greg and miles had their own pages but the DeletionLovers on wikipedia eventually got them. As a matter of happenstance, mesh's page was never noticed and remains to this day.

  3. Yeah, the wikipedia issue is a big one. We've had the same problem with imdb. Unfortunately the "traditional media" world rarely recognizes the hard work and talent of online producers, writers, directors, actors, editors, etc. It's gonna be awhile before they do, just like it's taken awhile for "bloggers" to have credibility in the mainstream press (and they're still considered "less professional" by many). Needless to say we're working hard at EQAL to change this. I'm a member of the TV Academy, and the New TV academy that Tubefilter/Tilzy/NewTeeVee set up and trying to work with them as well. Little by little these things will improve. I GREATLY APPRECIATE all of your hard work helping us out!

  4. The trick to IMDb and Wikipedia is persistence. As long as you add as much verifiable information as you can, both will generally be understanding and let your entries stand. But is a large time commitment. I know it took several tries before I was able to get With the Angels an IMDb page.

    It also helps, on IMDb in particular, to have various people submit, thus building credibility.

    The good news, at least with IMDb (don't have as much experience with Wikipedia besides some maintenance on the The Guild page), is that once you get your series up, it's generally much simpler to add additional episodes. Especially after you've done a lot of entries, they tend to let your stuff through easier once you've established credibility with the site.

  5. Regarding last part of #4. Should we post a myspace bulletin to remind you to post a myspace bulletin to tell us there is a new video? If so, could you post a bulletin to remind us to remind you to post a bulletin?

  6. Yes Joe, that would be helpful. Thanks


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