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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Web.Files #12 - Dirty Bomb Diaries

On episode 12 of the Web.Files, host Kristyn Burtt interviews Sean Hinchey, the creator and writer of the Dirty Bomb Diaries, as well as the series director and editor, Eric Tozzi. The pair discuss the creation of the series including being inspired by lonelygirl15 along with some interesting behind the scenes tidbits. Also, Kristyn Burtt was able to get the scoop that they are in pre-production on season two of DBD, a season which Hinchey and Tozzi say will be on a much larger scale with more characters and locations. Also, the location for the interview is very clever and Kristyn wears a hardhat… what? she looks good in hats.

Described as lonelygirl meets an A-bomb, Dirty Bomb Diaries is the a high concept drama made on a shoestring budget; the series reportedly cost only $600 to produce. The series centers on Misty, an attractive young girl who recently moved into a new apartment in the city, shortly before a dirty bomb explodes, crippling the city and leaving the survivors scampering to claim the dwindling resources. Misty continues to video blog, even when she is uncertain the videos are getting out, at first to record what happened, but as the situation grows more desperate, it becomes the means of maintaining her sanity.


  1. Yeah for season 2!!!!

  2. wanna be tubefilter site.

  3. Actually, anon LG15Today was here before Tubefilter.

  4. Anon,

    We are glad that you enjoy Tubefilter, but it is important to point out that LG15 Today does its own thing. We are a collaborative blog created by the community for the community. The tradition of "community journalism" on LG15 Today dates back to the early days of lonelygirl15 when Rosie and Perky met with Yousef for a video interview. We have always been about breaking down walls between those who produce and those who participate. It is a long tradition that we are very proud of and this article is just one of many that demonstrates the power of community journalism and we hope that in the process we bring new friends an associates into the community to enjoy what we have to offer.

  5. I will chime in....I read both Tubefilter and LG15 Today. I get different things out of both sites and I believe they can happily coexist.

  6. Is that a good thing?

  7. We are running a contest this weekend for Dirty Bomb Diaries! You can enter here: http://bit.ly/2NMmTK


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