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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anthony Zuiker's plan to bury books

“Maybe one day we could make a bestseller without ever selling a book in a store,” he says. “I think that's our mission. Isn't that great?”


All seem to agree that when the e-book finally achieves mass distribution, it will look and act nothing like the “linear” text familiar to content consumers since the age of Gutenberg.

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  1. The one thing I fear is when paper books become obsolete and everything is digital. There is something exciting and wonderful about going to a book store, buying a book, and then opening it up for the first time to read the first page... I enjoy the feel of a book in my hand and it won't be the same if I have to have a kindle or iphone/ipod to read it.
    PLEASE don't kill off traditional publishing!

  2. Yeah, I really don't like the idea of no more bookstores. I think this might be the point where I say transmedia might go too far. I'm okay with them working in conjunction with one another but not at the expense of one over the other. What I like about New Media is that it can enhance other traditional forms of media...not replace them.

  3. If enough pple keep buying book they will keep making them.


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