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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Details About "LG15: The Order"

Rose Cantarre................................ Stacy Silva
Lucinda "Lucy" Grangerford......... Naomi Goodman
Annanda "Anna" Grangerford....... Hannah Goodman
Dianna Akonian ............................ Dianna Ayo-Abokonyan
President Anderson....................... Mario Pereira

Corey Pereira................................. Co - Creator
Stacy Silva...................................... Co - Creator
Jeremy Williams............................ Co - Creator
Jeremy Williams............................ Director
Corey Pereira................................. Executive Producer
Stacy Silva...................................... Writer

Characters by: Jeremy Williams
Story by: Corey Pereira, Stacy Silva, and Jeremy Williams
Edited by: Jeremy Williams

The series will also be produced with the help of Vince Campi, a mulitmedia technology guru for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and Google advert.


  1. Please, PLEASE stop.

    Look, I said this once and by God, I have to say it again!


    There, that's it. That's what we want. We don't want FAQs before the show starts (how can we have Frequently Asked Questions before you show even a first episode?!) and we don't CARE who's acting in your show! I'm sure they're great actors and actresses and a fine team behind you, but, dude: ALL YOU'VE SHOWN IS A PROMO FOR A SHOW.

    The Last posts stuff from behind the scenes all the times, yes, but here's the thing: THEY HAVE A SHOW. THEY HAVE AN ACTUAL PRODUCT.

  2. Sorry, the last comment was mine, hit the Anon button my accident.

  3. My show hasn't launched yet. It is a pilot for LG15: The Order (TSIY 2) which I have already posted. LG15: The Rising has the exact same amount of content as I do (1 video, a pilot) and they have posted cast and crew credits, and yet they recieve absolutely no criticism for such a thing?

  4. They received no criticism because they keep their entry contained to a single article. You keep creating new ones... (3 thus far if I remember correctly) giving the impression that you're beating us over the head with it. We get it. You entered. Congrats. We're aware of you. Now just let the contest play out.

  5. Oh and do we have to mention again...


  6. Why is it our job to tell him that? Why isn't Eqal here handling their contest?

  7. I AM NOT 15! My name is Corey, I am Jeremy's uncle. I am running this series, he is helping to write it. He is 15. I am 33.

  8. I AM NOT 15! My name is Corey, I am Jeremy's uncle. I am running this series, he is helping to write it. He is 15. I am 33.

  9. -_-' this whole thing saddens me.

  10. It does NOT sadden ME! My name is Donnie, and I am Anonymous's uncle. I am posting these comments, and he is helping to write them. He is anonymous. I am a man. I'm forty.

  11. O_o this whole thing excites me.


    coremy - i suggest you just update our prior post to add the credits and delete this one. no harm done.

  12. lol @ anonymous above me. ok, don't delete this thread. its already epic.

  13. *takes a humble bow*

    You all know me, but you'll never connect the dots. Tee-hee.

  14. So close, and yet so far...

  15. How convenient that yesterday's massive post thread got deleted...

    By the way your uncle was 35 yesterday, at least that's what we were told in chat. Get your stories straight.

  16. Why was the post deleted?

    This blog acts as a discussion and to delete a post with so many comments is just not being respectful of the time taken by others to write them. Please be considerate of others if you choose to post on LG15 Today.

    If you have an archive of the post and the comments then perhaps it should be replaced in its proper sequence on the blog.

    Yes, the comments can be harsh at times but if you think this is bad then wait till you experience YouTube.

  17. If you have a question about a post then it is better to save it to draft rather than deleting it. That way it can be discussed and restored if desired.

    Respect is key to working in a collaborative fashion and by saving to draft it leaves more options open.

  18. If you were looking for complete opposition from the vocal community...

    ...congratulations. You have found it.

  19. Not complete, he still has his 436 anonymous socks...

  20. If I were Eqal your lack of follow-thru in the past (excluding the age issue which regardless of uncles/guardians you said you created it originally so voids your entry) would be a bad sign. There is money involved. I wouldn't trust you to make a series given your history with the community.

    All other things aside, I think that should be a serious issue that Eqal considers.

  21. Jeremy,

    I am not here to give you any grief, but consider my input as a dash of cold water. Take it for what you will:

    You do not seem to realize that you are ineligible.

    One of the judges, Glenn Rubenstein, reads this blog. He also hosts a weekly show on BreeFM. Someone in the chat there is certain to make sure he is aware of your ineligibility.

    Continuing to hope that you might be selected for TSIY2 seems a waste of your time and talent.

  22. "Continuing to hope that you might be selected for TSIY2 seems a waste of your time and talent."

    The post above me, I consider your behavior completely rude, and feel as though you should truly think before you speak. I have never been so humiliated with any of the other comments here before. You are all taking this to far. I have just as good of a chance to win as any one of you, and you shouldn't try to take that away from me. Move on with your own lives, and let EQAL make the decisions. You have no idea what I have or havent discussed with them, considering I live in the exact same city as they operate their business.

  23. "Continuing to hope that you might be selected for TSIY2 seems a waste of your time and talent."

    That was the nicest thing anyone has said to you. Your reading comprehension is less than adequate.

  24. ..did that fool just post anonymously?

  25. Why would anyone want to win this contest?

  26. ...um...does 5 grand mean anything to you?

  27. The fact that he got so angry at the only person who was remotely nice to him makes me think he's just a drama-whore.

  28. Annndd pimp slapped by Vella! Oooohhh, hate to see that happen, folks!


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