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Saturday, October 10, 2009

LG15: Outbreak - TSIY2 Pilot Presentation

It's time.

LG15: Outbreak

Heroes will be born.
Enemies will rise.
Champions will return.
A new story.
A new show.

...waiting for the green light.

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  1. For...Some reason, this video has been set to private for the time being. Hope it gets put back to public soon, but still.

  2. Ok so... This needs to win.

    Please please please.

    Very Donnie Darko. I like it alot alot. Totally fan-girling here.

  3. ......DAMN. That's all I can say.

  4. Oh, sweet, un-privated. Awesome. Enjoy the show every one!

  5. there are so many like...'visual' things that happen, you almost have to watch it 3 times back to back so you can take it all in

  6. Dude this is AWESOME!!!! so far my money is on this one.


  7. some major visual effects skills here.

  8. Um, without reading the treatment, how can anyone be screaming "THIS ONE" based on a show of editing skills.

    If only Miles and the team had known that they would have had much more success with LG15 The Resistance had they only thrown in a bunch of shots of the characters standing around with special effects.

    Come on! lonelygirl15 didn't need any of this. It was the story, characters and plot that had us all enthralled.

    Going to need more than this to start proclaiming it a winner.

  9. @Anon - this is MASON we're talking about! anyone who doesn't trust the **Prince of Plot** with the LG15 storyline needs to have there head examined.

  10. Its interesting and there is no doubt that Mason is skilled, but how does it tie in with LG15? I hate to agree with anonymous, but I need more than this to make an informed decision. Also, when did Mason get dubbed the "Prince of Plot"?

  11. Come on folks. Look at our other options at the moment... Granted we may get some crazy good pilot at the last second but I am backing this pilot.

    The original LG15 didn't need special effects because it was a very different story. LG15 the resistance had alot of effects.

    Masonishappy was a great show in its own right and I would be very happy to see any of it (even just Mason as he is now) become canon.

  12. Hmmm...all editing and effects and no plot...are we sure this isn't The Resistance?

  13. Always liked the kid. Yep, my vote is for this one.

  14. vid reminds me of Lost, for some reason

    thing is, the other two vids everyone was talking about who "could" win. this is the first vid where Ive seen people "want" it to win

    @REnegade: i think theres plenty of plot..its just not handed to you on a silver platter. mason has amensia, and hes probably the cause of the tower being blown up.

    its not spelled out to you on a webcam, but i think its there.

  15. While the plot may not be "handed" to us, I think we do need to know how/why it ties into the LG15 universe at first glance, other than it just being Mason who has made lg15 videos before. No one is detracting from his obvious skill, but I don't want to watch 8 weeks of something that gave me a headache on the first viewing.

  16. I'm weighing in with a pro/con analysis of Mason's entry.

    PRO: Mason's first video (currently private) was a critically acclaimed snark-fest. It attacked the way the LG15 Live Chat was engineered and also criticized the show's writing.

    CON: Mason's first video (currently private) was a critically acclaimed snark-fest. It attacked the way the LG15 Live Chat was engineered and also criticized the show's writing.

    My point is this: Mason should be fully prepared to have his own work criticized in exactly the same manner should his pilot be chosen for TSIY2.

  17. Apo brings up a good point: I wonder how Miles&Co feel about handing the show over to the guy who constantly ripped on their own writing...

  18. @second to recent anon:

    "The pilot must be derivative of the LG15 Universe by building upon the mythology of lonelygirl15, KateModern, LG15: The Resistance, LG15: The Last, and OpAphid."

    "The pilot can either be Episode One of your proposed show or a Pilot Presentation, which gives a general idea of the look and feel of the proposed show. It must be no more than 5 minutes in length."

    The video is clearly labeled "TSIY2 Pilot Presentation", which means he chose the video format "which gives a general idea of the look and feel of the proposed show".

    So, what I'm taking from this is "the general idea of the look and feel of LG15: Outbreak is to have no LG15 elements at all and instead be some kind of Hollywood disaster movie with the typical omg amnesia element thrown in".

    This is an LG15 competition. The proposed show has LG15 in the title. Yet, over the entire length of the trailer, there is pretty much no connection to LG15 at all.
    Sorry, but that's a warning signal to me, and, imo, screams that the concept was written independently and just adopted as an LG15 story to get more exposure through the contest.
    If I wanted to watch shows which are only marginally related to LG15, I'd go visit the Coalition.
    This is an LG15 competition on lg15.com, and so far, the only thing LG15 about Outbreak is the prefix in its name.

    And hell, it's not just a question of personal taste or preference of me. Let's see this realistically: Already, only a fraction of the community has watched the The Last because the (stupid) masses rejected it purely based on the fact that it wasn't from EQAL and didn't have TAAG.
    How many people are gonna watch an LG15 show which isn't from EQAL, doesn't have TAAG and is only marginally about LG15?

    I mean, sure - it's possible that, after 8 weeks of exciting Jason Bourne-like adventures, we find out Mason was really a Shadow or Watcher or whatever.
    But is one moment of LG15ness somewhere in the distant future gonna keep people watching through the entire run?

    I've met a bunch of people in chat who quit The Last after only an episode of two, because they didn't like it for some reason. Having LG15-related revelations when Mason's amnesia finally clears up towards the end is worth nothing if 80% of the audience quit after three episodes because "it isn't even LG15".

    I'm just saying...this contest is LG15 by rules, spirit and community, and I'm not seeing any LG15 in there. If that is truly how he envisions the show, that's gonna lead to problems, because it fails audience expectation.
    I'm not even saying it has to be a bad show. It could possibly be an amazing The Day after Tomorrow/Jason Bourne/Deep Impact web series that could perfectly stand on its own. I'm just saying, when people watch web series on lg15.com with LG15 in the title from a contest which specifies it has to be based on the mythology of LG15, they expect LG15-related content.

    And I'm not seeing any in this submission.

    In an unrelated note, you should be in chat more often. Would allow you to see more direct reactions to videos.

  19. he looks fatter than I remember.

    still the best imo.

  20. Cool looking video. And cool that it's someone we recognize (in Mason). But what does this have to do with anything? I hope the treatment he provided to EQAL had that info. This feels like a trailer and not a pilot.

  21. Attention all contestants
    Please be advised that Jeremy Williams/Exile has just been in #lg15chat under a fake nick spouting things like

    (about Mason/Outbreak)
    <analanna>        did you all like mason's pilot?
    <analanna>        yah it has nothing to do with LG15!!!
    <analanna>        im so mad
    <analanna>        he has always ridiculed and criticized this community and the show itself, so why even try to become a part of it?

    (on plagiarism-allegations and deleting the evidence)
    <analanna>        well thats kinda harsh on both your parts i think
    <analanna>        me?
    <analanna>        I mean yah he used 2009: A True Story's footage for a few parts but it was very creative I think
    <analanna>        and ive heard about the FAQ, the creators don't have a problem with it
    <analanna>        I was talking to exile or jeremy or whatever and he told me he talked to them, so I sent them a message asking and Miles said that he has absoultely no problem with us using EQAL's terms of use or FAQ's from their series
    <analanna>        which makes me kinda excited
    <analanna>        because I do want him to win
    <analanna>        :)
    <analanna>        I messaged the creators myself

    After having been exposed, "she" quit, claiming to be Jeremy's mother, rather than him.

    Contestants, be mindful and observant, Jeremy Williams is out badmouthing you behind your back.

  22. What are you talking about no plot? It's clearly BourneisHappy or the Mason Idenity.

  23. My mom? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't dare step in LG15 chat since you pretty much bashed me in front of anyone. And my mom? She doesn't even know LG15 has a chat I don't think. She just watches the show! What you are doing is unfair, repulsive, and humiliating on both of our parts. I actually thought Mason's pilot was awesome, and came here to wish him good luck. But no, you couldn't let that happen! What's your problem?

    On a side note, I have talked to Miles, and he did say that I could use the FAQ and the footage because it is not "canon". Also, Analanna, whoever you are, you should not be portraying others online. Please do not do this again!

  24. dude, I'm bout SICK of jeremyssmart being the topic of every damn thread on this blog.

  25. It's funny you should say that BK because that was my first impression as well. A pilot is a first episode. I just need to know who I'm rooting for, who I'm rooting against and why? But I also understand that a true pilot may not be practical for many reasons. With a trailer the treatment becomes much more important. Had this been last year, I don't think a trailer would have been enough.

  26. Okt 08 02:48:05 * [jeremyssmart] ([email protected]): Java user from java.freenode.net
    Okt 11 21:39:24 * [analanna] ([email protected]/web/freenode/x-cwlfdshxbogloijk): cpe-76-93-25-33.socal.res.rr.com/

    Just stfu, Jeremy. Just do it.

  27. jeremyssmart, care to choose another name as you're not living up to you're current one.

  28. what the hell? Nice try. I don't care what you, RENEGADE, personally think of me. If you think I do, then you are the one who is stupid.

    And why would I sign onto chat under a different name? You think I'm scared of you? Hah!

    You make me laugh all the time!

  29. I think that after watching this, pretty much everyone else with plans to enter went "awwww, shit."

  30. I'm going to have to agree with Ren on this one. I love Mason both as a person and as a writer, but this pilot had one element of plot. One that was boring, at best. I certainly hope the treatment he sent off to EQAL actually said what the show would be about, because at this point I can only venture a guess.

  31. also, many lulz at someone calling Renegade stupid.

  32. Jeremy, just stop while you're at it. Your mom, your uncle...who's next? Your parakeet?

    Just swallow some pride and let it go.

    As far as the plot goes, I'm jumping on board what everyone else thinks. It is VERY well done and it's nice to see Mason, but I'm not sure how this would tie in to LG15.

  33. OMG leave me outta this!

  34. analanna: "well thats kinda harsh on both your parts i think"
    jeremyssmart: "What you are doing is unfair, repulsive, and humiliating on both of our parts."

  35. I hope he shaves if he gets it - besides that looks good!

  36. seems to me like there's a bit of concern from a lot of folks, but it seems pretty mild when you compare it with the other entries we've been presented with.

    let's focus on the pros: very high quality, obviously amazing effects, lots of mystery, epic vibe to it

    the cons: not a lot in terms of storyline

    but honestly to me, its Masonishappy...I'm sure the kid can do it justice. and i definitely trust him to do a great job a lot more than the other people who have entered

  37. wow. I'm actually kind of disgusted with a lot of the tactics taken by jeremyssmart during this whole process. (And I'm staying anonymous because I don't want to get flamed by him for the rest of eternity.)

    Concerning Mason he said:
    'he has always ridiculed and criticized this community and the show itself, so why even try to become a part of it?'

    That statement is ridiculous. Anyone here who actually remembers when Mason first came on the scene (his early vids are all private now for some reason) remembers that it was actually a really EXCITING time for the community.

    He was the 'voice of the phans', and he never 'ridiculed' ANY of us. He said a lot of what we WANTED to say collectively, but couldn't form into words.

    The whole 'is he/isn't he' canon debate was actually good fun, especially when it became clear he was even poking fun at the very notion of things.

    I have nothing but fond memories of him, and his entry made me grin when I first saw his mug staring off screen in that stupid thumbnail :)

    It is, without a doubt, one of (maybe THE) coolest visual video we've ever seen from a community member, and I'm for one really happy he's now in the contest.

    Quit trying to tarnish him. He hasn't tried to knock any other entries, so stop trying to sabotage his. This isn't a presidential race. Forming aliases for the sole purpose of mud-slinging another person's entry in chat is shameful.

  38. LG15 is two words.

    Video. Blogs.

    Not this crap.

  39. Anon: If you qualify THIS as crap, then you're about as intelligent as jeremyssmart.

  40. The show, regardless of who wins won't start until January so between now and then I'll be watching The Crew, The Cabonauts, Compulsions, and Riese.

    There are a whole lot of web series out there just looking for an audience there is no reason to argue over EQAL's scraps.

  41. I like it and we know that Mason can pull off a good show. So I hope he wins. The other 2 entries sucked really. Bad quality. Mason can make a really good show, I'm sure of it.

  42. The Rising has questionable production quality, no doubt about that. But its pilot would already be improved significantly by just a decent microphone.

    $5000 will easily pay for one.

    Then you have funny, LG15-centered detective story.

    I'm not sure $5000 will turn The 28 Days after Mason's Identity into an LG15 series...*shrugs*

    In addition, comparing the pilots like that is unfair anyway.
    Sure you can criticize The Rising's acting. Sure you can criticize it's writing. But what are you comparing it to? The two lines spoken in Outbreak? The incredible acting effort of standing still while the camera man walks around you?

    I'm all for being frank and calling shit shit. But don't confuse problems from sub-par equipment with bad content, and don't confuse flashy editing with the existence of content in the first place.

    Just for fun, I'll give you the opposite view: From The Rising's trailer, I can see that Peter Dawson has a witty writing style, his heart in the story, and a definite connection to LG15. All I'm seeing from Mason's trailer is that he knows how to layer filters on his source material and cut it nicely. Being completely devoid of any plot or intriguing detail is just as much a sign of bad quality as fuzzy audio is.
    I mean, what was the script to Mason's trailer? "Stand on meadow. Look around. Stand more."?

    Quite frankly, to say the other entries sucked and call them bad quality, when none of us actually has a clue what the fuck The Mason Identity will be about or how it connects to LG15 is just ridiculous.
    It could be about pyromanic baguette-salesmen, for all we know.

    I mean - look at yourself. In your entire criticism, not once you actually compared the pilots/trailers. You said that
    a) the other pilots suck
    b) you know Mason can do a good show
    In no way you mention Mason's pilot. You don't say "in Mason's trailer, the writing was better", or "The Rising's dialog was flat against this". You just sit there and assert that, based on past experience, you assume Mason's show will be good, completely irrelevant of what his show is about.

    If you can't even base your support for a show on its own pilot/trailer, then what does that say about the pilot? What does it say about the show?

    And, to counter your random allegation, no, "we" don't know that Mason can pull off a good show.
    All I know is that he has impressive skills with editing software, and that he can stand around on a meadow. Go him.

    I fail to see the awesomeness of the prospect of watching a man standing on grass for 8 weeks.

    (btw, I'm not entirely sure if the Mason fans in this thread realize this, but...if Mason wins and does TSIY2 - EQAL owns the character and the story. No more Mason after March next year. Likely forever. You sure that's really what you want?)

  43. *checks to see if Renegade still hates puppies*

    ...yup. Alrighty.

    ( In hindsight, the fact that he hates it shows a pretty good sign it'll win :] )

  44. I am glad to see that there are people so spirited about this.

    Honestly you know something will be a hit if people either love it or hate it.

    I love it.

    Stop bickering :D

  45. Actually, showing puppies on that meadow, with that editing style, would have been rather entertaining.

    LG15: Dogs of War or something.
    I'd watch it.

  46. I acknowledge that this is a very well made video but here are the problems I have with it:

    1. Doesn't show any hint of a video blog.
    2. Doesn't tell us about anything or anyone.
    3. Has like 1 line of dialogue.
    4. It's "lonelygirl15", it should probably have a girl in it.
    5. The video being all fantasy and dream-like kinda takes away from the realism and realtime-esque things we all love.

  47. Renegade, I'm sorry, but at this point I'm just curious: Do you have any ACTUAL reason to assume that this series is going to be a pointless, stupid boom fiesta that isn't related to the Breeniverse as you seem to be implying it's going to be? Mason has produced shows before, and they were rather good. Before you start arguing: No, there was a show, yes, it was really good. It's privated now, but if you could see them you'd enjoy them I bet.

    To the people complaining about the lack of a vlog style, The Last's promo didn't use a Vlog style either, and neither did n1kola for most of the series (I'm not entirely sure, really, since I never watched it all that much, so if that is HONESTLY your big concern there's still a chance that when the series starts it'll be just like every other LG15 show and won't dare try some thing new.

  48. I think we have to consider that there is no public voting portion of this contest (at least not officially.) In that context, what does the video portion represent? The plot is outlined in the treatment. I would guess the video portion is to demonstrate technical skill. Possible acting as well but in that case Mason may actually be playing it very shrewd. It's an expense to cast and hire actors. In addition the quality of actors you can get significantly goes up the more you can pay them. Rather than be surrounded by bad acting he may have simply chose to let his editing strength carry him in the video and let the plot carry him in the treatment. He may even be counting on the fact that no one else will put together a legitimate first pilot episode which may in fact be a safe bet.

  49. "I mean - look at yourself. In your entire criticism, not once you actually compared the pilots/trailers. You said that
    a) the other pilots suck
    b) you know Mason can do a good show
    In no way you mention Mason's pilot. You don't say "in Mason's trailer, the writing was better", or "The Rising's dialog was flat against this". You just sit there and assert that, based on past experience..."

    hmm... and you seem to be judging another pilot for past experiences. Criticizing yourself, now?

  50. considering the other things that he's been involved with I would bet he could make a decent story. He does indeed have editing ability, but without a foundation of strong writing - editing wont save him. I don't think he's a **prince of plot** but he gets by fairly well.

    I think we could look at his blog


    to at least get a sense of his style

    and we could look at


    to see what other things he's done. I also think he has a book out. All in all wouldn't worry about the writing too much.

  51. ...maybe it's just me, but I WANT someone to try something new. And this is pretty good.

  52. jeremy...that didn't even make sense. Did we not agree you should stfu? Or are you out here to steal as much of Mason's style as possible to add it to Dharma Rhode?

    @lime: Still doing the same thing. Can you show me anything based on the pilot? How it'll connect to LG15? What it'll be about? Its writing style? The acting quality?
    I have said in a previous post, I am not denying that The 28 Days after the Mason Identity could be a good show. I am not denying it's entirely possible he had shows in the past that were good. But can you show me anything other than the "LG15:" in the title that supports that his pilot has a reason to be in this contest?
    Look at it: You said "Mason has produced shows before, and they were rather good.". The next anon said "considering the other things that he's been involved with I would bet he could make a decent story.".
    Every support Mason has in this discussion is based on his past shows, and the fact that his pilot has flashy editing.
    No one makes positive comments about the plot.
    No one makes positive comments about the writing.
    No one makes positive comments about the way he incorporated LG15.


    Because there's nothing there.

    So far, this is all hype and no content. So yes, I do have a reason to assume "that this series is going to be a pointless, stupid boom fiesta that isn't related to the Breeniverse". This is an LG15-related contest. Look at last year's submissions, look at this year's submission. The Last's pilot, The Misfits' pilot, The Rising's pilot. It's normal and expected that LG15 mythology is mentioned in some way when pitching/piloting an LG15-related show.

    Not only is it normal, but given that -as quoted above- the content rules directly and unambiguously state that the project must be "building upon the mythology of lonelygirl15 [...]", one would think a reasonable director would include such elements if only to not get disqualified based on doubts over the submissions' relevance.

    So tell me: Independent from your appreciation of Mason's past work - based on what exact part of the trailer do you assume LG15 mythology will play any role in it?
    Based on what part do you assume the story will be enjoyable?
    Based on what part do you assume the writing will make sense?
    Based on what part do you assume the acting will be alright?

    Ignore his past work, and try to answer the questions purely from the trailer.
    Then you'll see why I'm suspicious.

    Beyond all of that, there's also the simple issue of intrigue. The Rising may have a simple premise ("I'm gonna stop the Order from killing girls!"), but at least it has one. I've been introduced to the main character, I know the stakes, I know the villain, I know the obstacle, everything's set for me to go and watch the adventure.

    Compare that Outbreak.
    A random dude is standing on a random meadow and has no clue who he is.
    So fucking what? What do I care? Why should I care for him? Why do I want him to find out? Why do I want him to survive? What are the stakes? What are the odds?

    Why should I care about Mason Bourne? The trailer gives me no reason to. For all I know, Random Dude could be the villain of the show.

    He's just a random dude on a random meadow with memory loss.
    Sorry, but after watching three Bourne movies, Paycheck, Conspiracy Theory and god knows what else, "Somebody's got memory loss!! :O" on its own kind of stopped being intriguing.

    And other than that and flashy editing, the trailer has nothing to offer.

  53. "Ignore his past work, and try to answer the questions purely from the trailer."
    umm...WHY? Why do we HAVE to ignore his past work? Because that's how things work in Renegade land? No thanks.
    You're choosing to be purposely ignorant to try and prove a point that is totally illogical.
    I really don't understand why your PURPOSELY and willingly CHOOSING to ignore his past work and proof of talent...it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
    When I walk into Mcdonalds and order a big mac, I do it because I've eaten them before. I know how they taste. I like how they taste. So I order it again. I don't have to re evaluate knowledge that Ive already obtained. Big Macs taste good, so I'll order a Big Mac. Mason's videos always rock, so I'll put my support behind him.
    Quit overthinking it and trying to debate for the sole purpose of being contrary.

  54. I don't think he can do it.

    remember the 24in24 that well didn't happen.

    or the "Koffman File" being a total and complete waste of time. And what gets me is how afterwards he made a vlog post and ignored the fact that he didn't deliver on the two occasions.

    Onto this "pilot" - I'll say he's talented (or whoever does the editing is talented) but it wasn't a pilot. It was a tease - I wouldn't really say trailer because it didn't even do that very well.

  55. @third to previous anon: A cheap attempt to gloss over the issue.
    My post made very clear that the point was to realize that the pilot doesn't stand on its own.

    You have nothing but his past work.

    Besides...how about you try an analogy that's actually in the same area, instead of comparing a piece of art, which is highly dependent on the artists and the environment, to a piece of food that is industrially manufactured with pretty much the same ingredients again and again and again?

    You up for it? Wanna make a list of great directors and actors, and then see how they have always, consistently, with no exception, only made great movies?
    Please say yes. It'll be a fun investigation of the merit of the idea that just because a director's previous work was awesome, his next work must, inevitably, also be awesome.

    In addition, to pretend that evaluating Mason's pilot based on Mason's pilot, rather than ignoring Mason's pilot and instead judging him based on last year's work, is somehow "ignorant", is a masterpiece of twisted logic, but ultimately, nothing more.

    There is a process of submitting and judging pilots to get and judge pilots. Not tales of last year's, entirely unrelated work.

    Fight the truth all you want, but all you have to support that Mason's show would be better than the others are your personal opinions of a past show. You have no plot, you have no writing, no dialog, no actors, no nothing.
    Just the continuous assertion that his past work was good, and so, somehow, the show about a random dude with memory problems standing on a meadow must be awesome.

    And quite frankly, I'm taking your continuous refusal to judge Mason's pilot just on itself, ignoring Mason's past work, as a sign that you know full well the result wouldn't be convincing.

    The contest is not "submit an empty trailer and a fanbase". The contest is "submit a pilot and have it judged". If you can't judge the pilot alone because there's not much to judge, well...

    ...that really speaks for itself, doesn't it?

  56. Kubrick made pretty much only great movies,

    But hey that opinion based - this is the anon that thinks mason's video is ehhh poor to say the least (at least plot, I mean dang it could be anything - very vague) Could run into a story that makes no sense at all - for all I know mason is an alien in that so called pilot.

    But Renegade without the treatment we can't really make the best decision anyway. Yet I don't think he can pull it off is all I was saying back there.

  57. Yeesh...I'm glad the judge of this contest isn't Renegade. If he was, the winner would be no one.
    Hey 'gade, here's an idea...if you think his entry sucks balls, then flip on the old webcam and show us how it's done.

    Or you could just post 5 more paragraphs of bitching about everything as usual...your choice.

  58. stfu DownUnder

    that's a stupid comment to make. Think about it, when you read movie reviews are the people that make the reviews directors? Usually they aren't so why the hell would you take a reviewer's advice if they don't have movie making experience? Because they are humans and they know what they enjoy and like. Everyone has room for opinion and we should consider them and decide based on reasonability if the opinions make sense. I think Renegade is valid and most of the people on here are just a little too happy to see Mason again to realize that there isn't much in the pilot besides good editing and use of effects.

  59. Good editing and effects are enough for me! I already know the kid can write...ahhh those old days of the 'Who killed the Shadow' mystery were golden.

    You show 'em, Mason! Win it, buddy.

  60. how about we all just stfu and let EQAL handle it!!! Mason, this is amazing!!! Great work!

    And Renegade, I second everything said against you. Why don't you come out of hiding and show us all how it's done?

  61. Sometimes I think The Creators only keep LG15 alive so that the crazy people will keep fighting amongst themselves. Instead of showing up at their office with a chainsaw and massacring them.

  62. This entire debate should be focused on how The C's choose the winner of the original TSIY because it is ultimately THEIR patterns that are the only logical ones to look at since they are making the decision.

    And now that we have the wildcard of Glenn in the mix, who wasn't around the first time...there is no telling how this could turn out.

    And I personally felt the trailer had a lot of depth and appreciated that it didn't try to force-feed me a plot. It created questions I want answered. Who is the girl whispering to him? Where is he and where will he go? Is this reality or is he dreaming?

    I don't go see movies with trailers that contain too much of the actual story because there is no reason to if I already know the entire plot.

  63. @2nd anon: Indeed, that's opinion based...I was bored out of my skull during Space Odyssey, as was the friend I watched it with. ;)

    I agree, of course, that the treatment would help settling the issue of how much LG15 there really is this proposed series, but I don't think that's an excuse or explanation for the pilot being empty of everything...I mean, the other series all had to file a treatment as well, and they happily showed off their LG15ness, writing, plot, etc. in the pilot.

    *shrug* It would be interesting to see the treatment, but the pilot should be able to stand on its own.

    Otherwise, what's the point of showcasing them to the community?

    @DownUnder: I love "can you do it better?" arguments.

    I really do.

    Because they're pretty much the dumbest, easiest to defeat arguments one could possibly make.

    Even if I was a hideous monster with no talent for acting, releasing an uncut, boring video consisting only of destroyed footage and compression artifacts.......that wouldn't automatically make Mason's submission good.

    The fact that there exists more shit does not make shit any less shitty.

    Even if any pilot I released would be of lower quality than Mason's, that would not make Mason's automatically good. It would just make it better than mine.

    Basically, what you're saying is "if, on a scale from 1 to 10, nine contestants score 1, and one scores 2, then that last contestant is automatically supremely awesome, despite the fact that he only scored 2 out of 10". It's bullshit. The fact that someone is better than someone else does not automatically make that someone good. All it does is make him not the worst there is.

    Not only that, but your implication goes even beyond what MG says; you're implying I only have the right to point out flaws if I can make a product better than the one I'm criticizing.
    That is so utter bullshit, even a newborn would realize it.

    It's akin to saying "If a bricklayer builds a wall with a glaring, large hole in it, you are not allowed to point the hole out unless you build a full wall with no hole first".
    Flaws don't magically disappear just because no one does anything better. The fact that I may not be able to do better does not magically add plot and purpose to Mason's pilot. Even if I released a horrible, horrible pilot, Mason's pilot would still be devoid of any plot, dialog, writing, characterization, obstacle, stakes, anything.

    To pretend that I have to stop pointing out that Mason's pilot consists of nothing but flashy editing, just because Mason's editing is flashier than mine, is about the weakest attempt to get rid of me you could make.

    Even Otterathome did better.

    Of course, I'm happy with you making such cheap attempts.
    Every supporter refusing, silently or vocally, to argue for this submission based on the pilot, rather than Mason's past successes, only underlines what I'm saying.

    If you could show plot in the pilot, you would do it.
    If you could show acting in the pilot, you would do it.
    If you could show writing in the pilot, you would do it.
    If you could show LG15 in the pilot, you would do it.

    Instead, you're lost in trying to shut me up with pathetic personal attacks, clumsy attempts to build straw men, and laughable attempts to tell me I don't have the right to point out potential issues, because I'm not submitting anything. (Ignoring that I wouldn't take part in the first place, because I don't blindly sign secret contracts.)

    So please, be my guest. Continue to confirm what I'm saying again and again and again: All you have is Mason's past work and his trailer's flashy editing.
    Nothing else.

    @jeremy: Sure, I'd just take a bit of LG15, a bit of The Guild, a bit of MasonisHappy, steal L26's site design and put lonelyjew15's tag line on it, and then present it all as my own work. That is how you do your work, isn't it?

  64. hmm, maybe in your opinion, renegade. but then again, your an arrogant, absent minded dumbass with too ugly of a face to come on camera and show yourself. so, instead of wasting your life writing three page reviews on an internet show contest, why do't you go out and try to make some friends.

    oh wait, your computer might get jealous. it's so used to you spending all of your time with it. nevermind.

  65. Gah, older new anon screwed up the count. I was talking to the Kubrick-anon.

    As for that new anon, while a trailer of course shouldn't give you the entire plot beforehand, don't you agree it should at least give you a general idea of what the movie is about?

    You mentioned the trailer raised questions for you, questions you want answered.
    Did it do anything but raising questions?
    Do you know what the series is about?
    Do you know who the main character is?
    Do you know if he's good or bad?
    Do you know how he's connected to LG15?

    I'm not trying to implying you're wrong in any way. You have your opinion, and you're entitled to it. What I'm trying to show is, this trailer was all questions.

    There is no big skill involved in creating mystery if you just slam people in the face with random, unexplained imagery.

    I could have, for example, submitted a 10-second-pilot showing only two combined Greek symbols.
    It would have generated just as many questions: What is this symbol? Is it a new Order faction? A new Resistance faction? Is it someone we know? Are they the allies or adversaries of this series? Does this mean the series is from the POV of the Order? Does this have anything to do with OpAphid? Do we really need another Order faction? Is this pilot even valid, showing nothing, really? Are all actors going to run around unidentifiable, like Op, Tachyon and Sib?

    Whenever facts are lacking, questions abound. There's no skill in generating them.

    So, while I entirely agree the trailer generated questions, I disagree on the "depth" part.

    You phrased you "appreciated that it didn't try to force-feed [you] a plot" - question: Does it have a plot, at all? Can you be sure it exists, based on the trailer?

    Would you watch a movie based on the fact that you have no clue what it's about?
    Would you be enticed to watch The Bourne Trilogy if all you were told was "it's about a dude who lost his memory!"?

    Questions are good, questions keep things interesting.

    But in this particular case, I feel left to wonder: What does it make interesting? What the hell am I watching here? Who is that guy, and why should I spend 8 weeks following him around?

    There is such a thing as too many questions.

    @the latest anon: Keep it coming. Just as much substance as the trailer.

    Though the trailer's editing was better.

  66. yes, and your website? would that be at the bottom of the shit list?


  67. I am not sure what your point is?

    That site is where my e-mail address is on. It was what my nick linked to countless times on this very blog before I registered an account. It had been associated with my forum profile up until a few weeks ago, when I updated it after the reopening.

    I mean, what do you want? A gold star for finding something everyone else in the community could have "found" for three years just by clicking my name?

    Congratulations, anon. You're the slowest of the bunch. Go you! *sticks a gold star to your forehead*

    And while you try to justify to the others that I suck at design because I didn't invest the time and money to rent Umbrella to display two lines of text, I'll be over there --> laughing my ass off at your increasingly pathetic attempts to attack me.

    I mean, seriously. I talk about the lack of plot in a TSIY pilot, and you try to counter me by pointing out the two lines of text on my "website" lack styling? Has it occurred to you, that, if I don't care enough to put content on there, I might not care how the lack of content looks?

    You must be more desperate than I thought.

    Would you like to stop before you hurt yourself?
    Or should I log out and attack myself as an anon, so your attempts don't look quite as feeble?

    You know what, I'm gonna do that. Hang on...

  68. BWAHAHAHA look at Renegade's website! It doesn't have content!! ROFL

    Seriously!! How can he criticize the content of web video when he can't even color the text on his web site?!?!?!

    They're both WEB!! You can't do one without the other!!!

    Fix your website or stfu Renegade!
    You're just jealous because Mason's previous shows were way better than anything you'll ever create!!!!!!!
    Don't speak again until you uploaded something!

    Oh, and while we're at it - stop hating on Jeremy you gay faggot! The Creators totally know about his content-stealing and they're fine with it. His uncle will sign the contract when he wins against Mason and you'll cry and beg you're sorry when you see his show!

    Anon, don't worry mate, I totally got your back here. This arrogant asshole has no skill. Only us who we don't even have a name can truly appreciate the absence of everything in that pilot!

    Renegade...you're a fucking asshole. Fuck off and die or I'm gonna find you and beat you up with my crew.

    Fucking n00b.

  69. Mason sucks anyways

  70. There, feel better now, anon?

    Now you're not the only anonymous coward hurling cheap attacks at me anymore! :)


  71. anonymous

    Slow down and read what you are sending.

    You look like a childish prick

  72. Could the woman in the video be Katherine Pawlak?

  73. mistererotic


    You fucking dumbass

  74. im gessing the anon whos calling renegade a 'fucking asshole' just for putting up HIS views on the pilot is probably jeremyssmart thinking his smart for putting himself as anonymous just so he can be offensive 'without consequences'.
    grow up.

  75. the way I see it is without the treatment you can't really diss the pilot, yeah it looks good and it obviously has something to do with the Lg15 world otherwise it wouldn't have been accepted as a contender.

    I personally, by looking at the pilot think it LOOKS good tho without the treatment or anything indication of what it is about I can't say it sounds good.

    So therefore I really don't have anything good or bad to say about this pilot.

  76. Well editing wise, it's the best so far. He also posted that I'm Flying video earlier, if that is an indicator, then we can expect lots of teasers and other question razing blogs, pictures, etc, besides the actual videos, during the series, which is a good thing.
    I have my doubts about the amnesia thing. In the interactivity part it's a good thing, because he can have us looking at the backgrounds in the videos trying to figure out were they filmed to help him get his memory back.
    But plot wise, amnesia stories have been done over and over again, there are the way I see it, basically two roads this plot can take and in an lg15 style plot, 7 possible stereotypical characters from him to find out who he is in the end, none of which will leave me gasping. Hopefully Mason can accomplish a truly original amnesia story but I won't keep my hopes up.

  77. Yo Mason, I'm real happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but the Misfits had the best TSIY entry of ALL TIME.

    *flips off comment board*

  78. As far as we can tell the anon post above with a personal threat was just someone "messing around". That said, please note that threats of personal violence are not warranted here as a part of this discussion. Let me once again remind you that you are personally responsible for anything you post here, anon or not. There was a recent incident on another blog where someone left personal threats and it was investigated by the authorities. We suggest that you think twice before posting a personal threat.

  79. Gotta love when your post goes to Hell in a Handbasket.

  80. Did the eyes and the dissolve to white remind anyone else of OpAphid (at least in very general sense)???

  81. wow. almost 90 comments? That's more than the other entries combined. More than all of his older videos put together for that matter. Love or hate the entry, you gotta admit, he sure knows how to get people talking.

  82. "im gessing the anon whos calling renegade a 'fucking asshole' just for putting up HIS views on the pilot is probably jeremyssmart thinking his smart for putting himself as anonymous just so he can be offensive 'without consequences'."

    Read Ren's post above that one. Just sayin'. ;)

  83. Cripes, when did Doug Liman decide to enter the competition?

    Seriously, thing's a visual masterpiece. I just wish I could get much about the plot. Of course, we're not the people that need to really be wowed by that. Still, what we have to work with is certainly move visually appealing than my narm-fest.

    Only thing is I'm worried about amnesia plots. More often than not they suck. The Bourne films are some of the few who did it right.

  84. ok, sure the pilot was mostly to show us that mason has mad editing skills, no doubt. whether his treatment and plot is good is something the creators will decide. anyone who has seen mason's work (both as mason and his other 'real' stuff as austin whatever-his-name-is) will know he is quite talented.

    interesting comment above regarding whether the woman in the vid was katherine pawlak/emma, as mason has worked with katherine before.

  85. Yo Mason, I'm real happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but the MISFITS had the best TSIY entry of ALL TIME.

    ...ALL TIME.

    *flips off comment board*

  86. Kanye, did you not do enough damage at the VMAS?


  87. My interpretation of the video is that it's following OpAphid moreso than LG15.
    I agree the pilot could have told us more about the overall story, but of the three, this one was by far the more entertaining. That is what we're looking for here, right? Entertainment?
    Everyone's happy. Renegade is happy because he has a nw subject to bitch about, jeremyssmart is happy because he's too stupid to realize what an ass he is, and mason is happy because mason is happy.
    I'm happy because I love a good bitch session. Now someone...please pass the doritos.

  88. Yeah..what CtrlAltDelete said! Group hug, everyone!

  89. whatever happened to mason's 24in24. is he going to let us down again?

  90. Lol I checked that Missingmozart thing he responded

  91. here's an interesting question: can we push this article passed 100 comments???

    Jeremyssmart...say something stupid!!

  92. As I see it, if he wins he'll be under contract, so he will be forced to complete the series.

  93. *crunches a dorito* Mmm...nacho.

  94. An OpAphid direction would explain the more abstract nature of the video.

  95. _____anon posted this back in april______


    *I thought it was funny how he responded too :) *
    and maybe in the future
    www.missingmozart.wordpress.com (*found to be no longer available*)

    and he has a personal youtube site **(http://www.youtube.com/user/austinmcconnell)** plus all the good old mason vids and


    some interesting stuff maybe more mason info could be found in these when he starts up again
    Wish he was canon though :(

    **I thought it was interesting to read again because some of us really can uncover anything ;)

    I really really really hope that he wins! Btw I wish his mason videos weren't private

  96. DANIEL247



  97. As hard as it may be to come to grips with, jeremy, this thread is NOT about you.
    Go delete something, you stupid little fuck. Grown-ups are talking here.

  98. Lol @ all the anon's flaming renegade for having an opinion. I find it funny that every time renegade gives his opinion someone has to insult him or discredit what he says. Why? If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all, at least renegades gives constructive criticism.

    jeremyssmart said...



    Then why didn't you in irc?

  99. bleh...let's just ignore jeremy and get back on topic...keep the comments about the vid

  100. that burning eiffel tower stuff was pretty top notch. the resistance never had anything like that. now that i think about it, wouldn't it have been cool to have jonas trying to fight off a 200 foot tall lucy?

  101. maybe the plot involves a 200 foot tall lucy. complete with a new 15 foot tall baby.
    but yeah, its got some special effects that havent even been attemped before. the only thing i can remember is the blood on the camera effect. nothing like this

  102. A 200 foot Lucy would crush Jonas and everyone else with one mighty stomp.
    Besides, where are they gonna find a pair of sunglasses that size?

    How he did the Eiffel Tower was pretty amazing though. How did he get the wind to blow on cue?

  103. Okay, enough bickering. Let's start ripping apart the video itself. I mean, a giant park next to the Eiffel Tower DOES exist, but you can see tons of buildings from it, and there are absolutely 0 trees in between the grass and the tower itself. I call shenanigans!

  104. Looks like Mason commented on the video at LG15.com


  105. Found a new website by searching Austin Mcconnell blog on google


    nothing there seems to connect to mason or outbreak, but it's interesting

  106. well, it's official. they've thrown it up on LG15.com

  107. Here's what Mason posted along with the vid on the official site. He (somewhat, tho barely) addresses the plot:

    To All,

    Wow...Thanks a lot for all the great feedback on the video. I decided to upload it to Youtube and wait a day before reading what anyone thought... and I logged on this morning to find a TON of different discussions.

    I noticed the embed on the LG15Today blog hit over 100 comments, which is unbelievable. I'm really surprised that it's made such an impact.

    I obviously don't want to get into the details of a show that hasn't even been greenlighted, but we're keeping our finger's crossed over on our end, because we have a really exciting and great story to tell!

    We want to use 'Outbreak' as a point to bring the show back to its roots a bit, and we want to return to a lot of the tried-and-true methods that the entire series has used in the past. On top of that, we've got a lot of cool ideas circulating that will really take audience interaction up to the next level.

    Thanks again for all the support for the Pilot Presentation. It was a work of love, and if we luck out, we may be gearing up for 'LG15: Outbreak' in January!

    Sincerely, Gregory Austin McConnell - Executive Producer, LG15: Outbreak

  108. A work of love...? ehhhhh right

    a work of fine editing but very little soul in that trailer

  109. 115 plus comments. Yep, Mason gives us something to talk about - even without Jeremy and Renegades help.

    A Gregory Austin McConell production with Glenn Rubenstein consulting and EQAL backing - could just be a real winner.

    For sure it's the only TSIY2 entry I've seen so far I would even bother to watch.

    Go Outbreak!!!!

  110. I'm not even arguing good or bad anymore. I will even somewhat respect mason's decision to keep his treatment between him and Eqal. I think its slightly unfair, but I do want to know why its called Outbreak. Outbreak to me says he's either playing on Zombie love or Pandemic hysteria, neither of which has a particular home in the LG15 universe. Luckily, if he wins that's an answer I'll be able to get from the pedia and not have to watch.

  111. ahh...only in the LG15 community could we have people complain about no new content, and then when content is on the horizon, we complain about the quality and call it crap before we even watch it in full.

    ...YEP! All is right in the Breeniverse ;)

  112. I'm thinking we need a SEPERATE contest for all of the remix vids to THIS vid.

  113. finally managed to read through every single comment on this behemoth of an article, and putting aside the stupid Exile/Jeremyssmart stuff, there seems to be a general consensus that although the pilot is missing some stuff, it's still one of the bests choices we've been given, and I agree with most people that it seems like when you put all the elements together (EQAL oversight, Glen helping with stuff, and Mason creating) you have a formula for what could be a really interesting show.

  114. One of the anon's above observed

    "for all I know mason is an alien"

    or is that "galien"?????

  115. See also: http://www.lg15.com/discussion_posts/list/3/574/1


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