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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LG15: The Rising Pilot Presentation - The Call of the Phoenix - PeterWDawson

In the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, lives Ben McCallum. His life is peaceful, more or less. Naturally, that can't last, and he soon finds himself tied up in kidnappings, a cult, murder and a sinister mastermind. Not one to sit by and do nothing, Ben and his friends form a group known as the Phoenix Society to combat the threat of the Order, or the Hymn of One, as well as a mysterious assassin who seems bent on keeping him from learning the truth. With the local media watching and the police marking him as a suspect in the murders, it's a race against time to make sure

Just to clarify who the cast is:
Ben McCallum - Peter Dawson
Joshua Reinhart - Nick Heuser
Melanie Byrne - Marissa Holmberg
Jenn McCallum - Kristin Marie
David O'Brien - Michael Swaim

The series lacks a core member of the group being trait positive, instead focusing on ordinary people getting involved in something sinister. The series will include live chats, facebook pages for the cast that can be interacted with and a 12-in-12 finale.

More news about: LG15:TSIY

Blogspot portal page for LG15:TSIY-2


  1. Is this a joke?
    or is this a genuine entry to the competition.
    I'm not trying to sound mean or anything but I just can't tell if this is a genuine entry or not

  2. this is my #1 pick so far.

    the order guy sounds like a sean connery impression - that could be good for some comic relief.

  3. Definitely not a joke entry. Peter posted it all over lg15.com.

  4. hmm...well, out of the 2 entries so far, this one takes first place imo...

  5. It's not bad, but the audio is not so good. If this gets to be chosen as the winner, the quality of the sound definately needs to be improved.

    Out of the 2 entries so far I would choose this one. But I hope more entries will follow, last year there where like 12 entries. Don't think that many will be entering this year but I still hope for 3 more or so. Then it will be a real contest.

  6. I would definately choose the other one. The editing in this was TERRIBLE, the camera quality was pretty bad, and overall the whole entry seemed like a joke. Sorry, just my opinion. At first i didn't like the other one due to the creator, but I now have decided that it is overal pretty preffessional, This is not.

  7. It was pretty good, but not professional enough. It was editing with Windows Movie Maker! That's bad. The other one was better.

  8. If this wins, LG15 will have officially gone from a professional online series to a joke.

  9. (continued from my post above)
    I will have lost all hope in LG15. The other pilot, The Order, was much better. Don't believe the haters LG15: The Order... sorry I don't know the creators name :(

  10. I would definately choose the other one ... preffessional



  11. It was pretty good! Both pilots have some flaws, but I believe the other one has the upper hand. I kind of got the feeling of comedy from this. Not drama.

  12. Be nice! I thought it was pretty good! Hopefully you won't deal with the same controversy as I have :) Good luck :)

  13. Yah, hopefully others will enter the contest. That way it will seem like more of a competition. Two entries isn't really a competition. Good luck t the both us :)

  14. You do know that pilots are just pitching a concept, yes? As in, assuming a creator wins, he or she would have time to perfect the idea in a way to best suit the audience. I'm doubting Peter would make the ENTIRE series as hilarious as this one little video was, and he's already committed to fixing the audio/visual problems.

    Everyone just has to nitpick every little thing.

  15. I like this. *I* like this. I LIKE THIS.

    This is just what we need!

    Jenlight approves this message.

  16. Just as a warning in case you win: Facebook Terms of Service prohibits accounts that are not owned by the real people the account name specifies. Now, to the best of my knowledge, other series have done FB pages for there characters, and I am not aware of any consequences them thus far, but I do know of other people who did character accounts that got deleted. Just something to keep in mind, especially if you use the same IP for the character accounts as your personal accounts, since you don't want you personal accounts deleted.

  17. I already spoke with Facebook about the profiles, but I got conflicting answers. I might have to change that to blogs or something, we'll see. Might not win, after all.

    I love how people keep saying I used Windows Movie Maker. It was AV4YOU actually, which is similar, I know. I had to do careful editing though to avoid the damn thing's watermark. If I do get picked up I'm getting a better camera and editor, don't worry.


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